Heli-Support of Wanaka, New Zealand to Fly the PA100 PUREair System

Hawkesbury – (March 14,2014) – DART Aerospace today announced that Heli-Support of Wanaka, New Zealand will demo the PA100 PUREair System engine protection system for the AS350 and EC130 families of helicopters.

The PA100 PUREair System, co-developed by Pall Aerospace and DART Aerospace, is a totally redesigned, reengineered, and retested engine air protection system that takes the capabilities of its EAPS predecessors to the next level. Featuring Pall’s latest PUREair technology, the new system is self-cleaning and virtually maintenance-free, unlike other filtration systems qualified for this aircraft. The PA100 PUREair system will provide the highest level of helicopter engine protection while offering a 2% gain in engine power over conventional inlet barrier filters.

“We at Heli-Support are eager to fly the PA100 and realize the benefits of the PUREair system over conventional helicopter inlet protection,” said Sacha Wetzel, General Manager of Heli-Support and long-time customer of Hawker Pacific New Zealand, distributor of the PA100 in the region. “The reduced maintenance burden and constant protection for our engines is critical to safe, reliable and cost-effective operations. This is especially important with our fleet of 34 aircraft used in a variety of missions.”

“We’re excited about the opportunity to fly the PA100 with Heli-Support,” said Mike O’Reilly, President of DART Aerospace. “This opportunity will allow Heli-Support to clearly demonstrate the benefits of the PA100 PUREair System in real-world conditions. We look forward to fantastic results and fitting Heli-Support’s entire fleet with the latest in helicopter inlet protection.”

“Heli-Support’s flight demo is an outstanding chance to show the benefits of our new system,” said Todd Barrett, Vice President of Global Strategic Marketing at Pall Aerospace. “Not only will we be able to validate the results we have already demonstrated in extensive flight testing, but we also look forward to working with Heli-Support and Hawker Pacific New Zealand in leading the adoption of the PA100 system in the Asia-Pacific region.”

This next generation system utilizes the latest advances in Pall Aerospace Technology, including 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) optimized system design and innovative nano-material technologies. The PUREair vortex tube works in all weather conditions, including ice, snow, heavy rain, and salt spray, and the system will be certified for inadvertent entry into icing conditions.

After securing Canada STC approval, DART and Pall will seek FAA, EASA and ANAC STC approval.

To learn more about this solution, please visit: www.dartaerospace.com