The Boeing Company Conducts a Supplier Symposium in Rockford, Illinois

Congressman Adam Kinzinger hosted a Boeing Supplier Symposium on March 10, 2014 for  Rockford Region companies interested in becoming a supplier for the aerospace manufacturer.  Eighteen companies participated in individual meetings with Boeing representatives, after hearing a presentation about how to become a supplier to the company.  The event was held at the Chicago Rockford International Airport.  "The Rockford Region has an incredibly diverse set of aerospace suppliers and yesterday's event demonstrated to Boeing how these companies can help improve Boeing's competitiveness," stated Congressman Kinzinger.

Eric Voyles, vice president of national business development for the Rockford Area Economic Development Council said, "We are very pleased with the turnout and the leadership provided by Congressman Kinzinger's office.  This is the second supplier symposium held by Boeing in the Rockford area.  The opportunity for our local companies to do more business with Boeing begins with getting on its bid list." 

The Boeing presentation included a company overview, and information about:

- Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA)

- Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS)

- Engineering Operations, & Technology(EO&T)

- Shared Services Group (SSG)

- Boeing Supplier Diversity Program

- Emerging Capabilities

- External Technology Needs

- Expectations

- Doing Business with Boeing/Supplier Registration


Eric Voyles, Vice President of National Business Development, 815.987.8118,


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