March/April Issue of FAA Safety Briefing Available

The March/April 2014 issue of FAA Safety Briefing takes a look at what it takes to “get back in the flying game.” Whether it’s transitioning to a new type of aircraft, or returning from a flying hiatus, the articles here will provide safety and training advice and help you fine tune your plan for returning to the skies.  
Among the feature articles in this issue include:
·        "Getting Back in the Game" - a look at how pilots can retrace footprints left in the sky (p. 9)
·        "Hands Off!" – preventing stalls with the proper use of trim (p. 13)
·        and "All Hands on Deck" – how to manage just a crew of you! (p. 19)

Other features include "Shifting Gears", tips for tackling transition training (p. 16), and “Total Recall,” a look at how flight data monitoring can improve your flying skills (p. 22).

The issue’s Checklist department (p. 27) explains the importance of stall training, while Angle of Attack (p. 29) covers what's needed to develop a successful flight test plan.

The link to the online edition is: Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter - @FAASafetyBrief