Skandia's New Smoke & Heat Release Lab Up and Running

Davis Junction, IL March 3, 2014 After completing a lengthy audit and certification program, Skandia’s state-of-the-art Smoke and Heat Release Testing facility is already providing customers with a variety of heat release, smoke emission and smoke toxicity testing services.

“We actually had all the hardware in place late last fall, but we couldn’t begin to deliver our complete array of services before we completed the final internal audits of its testing processes and procedures, which includes completing certification for the company’s team of FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER’s),” stated Gary Palmer, Skandia’s president. “Our goal from the onset of this program is to provide our aircraft manufacturing and maintenance customers, as well as, our airline customers with the most complete and capable testing programs in the industry.”

Skandia is now one of the few single-source testing facilities that can offer the full complement of services from engineering to testing. Heat release, smoke emission and smoke toxicity testing are required for any commercial or regional aircraft certified to carry 20 or more passengers.

Customers, whether private or commercial, will save time and money by using Skandia’s full range of planning and flammability testing capabilities, including:

  • Radiant Panel Testing 14 CFR 25.856(a) with DER Certification
  • Conformity Inspection
  • Total Fireblocking Program
  • Re-qualify Existing Foam Cushions with New Dress Covers
  • Vertical & Horizontal Flammability Testing with Next Day Test Results
  • 45-Degree Panel and 60-Degree Wire Testing
  • 12- and 60-Second Composite Panel Testing

“It’s just another example of Skandia going the extra distance to help make commercial and private aircraft around the world safer,” Palmer added.

About Skandia Incorporated

Skandia Incorporated is a global leader in aircraft cabin component testing, development, production and refurbishing. Along with providing a wide variety of seating foam products and cabin soundproofing materials, Skandia also supports aircraft OEMs, MRO and completion centers, airline customers as well as providing highly specialized interior component repair and refurbishing services. Skandia is one of the aviation industry’s most recognized and respected FAA and EASA approved Flammability Testing laboratories. Their staff includes FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) and Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs). Laboratory testing services include the full range of Flammability, Smoke, and Toxicity testing. For more information, visit: