Aerolia: 69% Increase in Turnover in 5 Years

Aerolia, French Leader in aerostructures and world reference experience in design and production of aircraft fuselages equipped with their systems, just announced the results of its 2013 fiscal year and reached the symbolic milestone of its 5th anniversary.
A strongly increasing turnover.

In 5 years, the Aerolia Group turnover increased by 69% from 926 millions dollars in 2009 to reach 1.562 billion dollars by the end of 2013. "This important stage in our activity is the result of our development strategy with our historical customer Airbus as well as with our new Customers who trusted us, among which Bombardier and Embraer", said Christian Cornille, President of Aerolia Group.

Together with our historical customer.

In 5 years, with an increase in 29% of its deliveries, Aerolia supported its historical customer Airbus in the ramp-up of its Series programmes – from the A319 to the A380 – and in all its development programmes with, since 2009, the design and production of nose sections and fuselages of its new A330 Freighter, A400M, A350 XWB and A320 Neo programmes; for the latter, Aerolia delivered the 1st nose fuselage at the beginning of 2014.

"In 2013, Aerolia delivered 655 nose sections and fuselages to its customer Airbus among which the 6,000th A320; this means a 7 % increase with relation to last year", added Christian Cornille.

Opening to markets and diversification.

Staying true to its ambition of diversification and opening to worldwide markets, in 5 years Aerolia gained the trust of many new customers among which other major aeronautical players:

As regards the aircraft manufacturers:

• Since 2011, Aerolia is Bombardier's partner in the design and production of the centre fuselages of the Global 7000 and 8000 business aircraft.
• Since 2013, Aerolia, on behalf of Embraer, produces fuselage panels within its KC 390 military programme, through a contract signed with the aerostructure manufacturers OGMA and Aero Vodochody.

As regards the services:

• Aerolia won new contracts with 30 new customers in the field of services : production of prototype or "on-request" parts, repair work at its customers', packaging and delivery of aeronautical frozen sealant and industrial transfers in Abu Dhabi or in China.
Tangible results.

"These clearly positive signs of our development have been made possible through the investment policy we led since 2009; nearly 200 million euros were invested in France, Tunisia and Canada, while our budgets dedicated to developments of new products were increased to 390 million euros over the same 5 years period. We owe these industrial and commercial successes to the trust of our shareholder, to the efficient partnership of all the players of our Supply Chain as well as, in-house, the commitment of our teams which saw their workforce increase by 74 % at international level since our creation", concluded Christian Cornille.

Aerolia is taking an active part in the success of its Customers Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer,
OGMA and Aero Vodochody and in the development of their new programmes: A350 XWB, A400M, A320neo, Global 7 000, Global 8 000 and KC390.

As an Aerostructure, System and Equipment manufacturer, Aerolia is a world major player in the design and production of aircraft equipped fuselages. With facilities in France (Méaulte, St-Nazaire and Toulouse), Quebec (Dorval and soon Mirabel), Tunisia (M’Ghira), Germany, China, South Korea and United Arab Emirates, Aerolia is a pool of 3,400 people contributing to the satisfaction of its Customers.