ServiceTec Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

ServiceTec is delighted to announce the celebration of its 25th year anniversary this week. The company was founded by the current Executive Chairman Andy Anderson on 2nd March 1989.

Andy explains how the company’s name, and the enduring ethos that has come to define them, originated. “ServiceTec, a service culture with technical excellence – that was the original thinking behind our name – and it still rings true 25 years on. I remember promising our staff in the first ever company newsletter that they were now part of an approachable and friendly company, and one that was dedicated to providing the highest professional standards of service. Twenty five years on, I’m very pleased to report that we continue to deliver on that promise and it’s still one I can make to any individual joining the ServiceTec team today”. 

In 1988 Andy Anderson and David Ison (the current Chief Executive Officer) left their former employer and embarked on an incredible journey to turn £100,000 of start-up capital into the £21 million ($35 million) needed to secure the acquisition of two successful IT companies. The first acquisition was of the Maintenance division of the Krypton Group and just 9 months on, ServiceTec also obtained the Service and Maintenance division of Ferranti International causing quite a stir in the industry at the time. These two quick acquisitions saw them leap from a turnover of around £1.5m and an employee headcount of 25 to a £14m company with a team of 250.

It was upon this foundation that ServiceTec was born. Numerous takeovers and start-ups followed all over the world, and the company went from strength to strength. Originally a generic IT maintenance company providing nationwide and regional services to organisations including BT, British Rail, HM Treasury, Marie Curie, Morgan Stanley and the Royal Mail, a large portion of the business was sold in 2007 and ServiceTec opted to specialise exclusively in the provision of Managed IT Services to the world’s airports and airlines. Operating globally, ServiceTec now has headquarters in the UK and the USA, as well as offices in Canada, Germany, The Netherlands and Japan.

Attributing its success over the past quarter of a century to the reliability and technical competence provided by his team, Andy takes particular pride in the culture he established and the impressive staff retention figures he accredits to it. “Over the years there have been a lot of great people who have participated in the growth and success of the company and I’ve always been particularly proud of the fact that our staff stick around. I have them to thank for making ServiceTec what it is today” On its 25th anniversary more than half of ServiceTec’s employees have served more than 5 years, nearly a quarter have reached a decade or more and incredibly, a select few have been with them for the full 25!

About ServiceTec

ServiceTec specialises exclusively in the provision of Managed IT Services to the world’s airport and airline industries, and has been doing so since 1989. ServiceTec operates globally, with headquarters in the UK and the USA, and offices in Canada, Germany, The Netherlands and Japan. Airports served include JFK, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Nashville, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Berlin, Heathrow and Munich.


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