SAM Aircraft Provides Builders with Virtual Perfect Example

These files allow the builder to see exactly how every piece of the airframe is assembled, like having an expertly-built airplane alongside his own project for reference at all times.

SAM Aircraft, headquartered at Lachute Airport (near Montréal), announced that it is releasing complete read-only Solidworks™ files to SAM customers. These allow the builder to see exactly how every piece of the airframe is assembled, like having an expertly-built airplane alongside his own project for reference at all times.

Images can be rotated, flipped, zoomed, and manipulated visually, to allow the builder to see the components and the part number, just as if he had an exemplar piece in his hands. And like having a professional builder helping, many models also have detailed tips and explanations.

Right on the drawing (as opposed to appearing only in the manual’s text) are tips like, “Start riveting the skin from the center, outward.” You don’t want to read that after you’ve nailed down the perimeter!

SAM President Thierry Zibi says, “I know a few other manufacturers use Solidworks, but I believe only SAM routinely releases these drawings to customers. As a builder myself, I know how much easier and better it is, to see a proper example of the construction as building goes along. I also know that it’s helpful for the occasional helper, who can study what’s expected before he or she starts helping.”

The drawings are released with each sub-kit (tail, fuselage, wing, etc.), and are free of charge to customers. “We just want the customer to have the best result, as easily as possible,” says Thierry. “Our 3D drawings [models] are a friendly visualization of the blueprints, with infinitely more perspectives and including every detail; it’s like having the actual part to look at – without taking up the extra space.” He laughed and added, “And you can’t dent the drawings.”

About SAM Aircraft

The SAM LS is a non-spinning, extremely roomy and comfortable tandem, retro-look, metal aircraft, powered by the 100hp Rotax 912S, and sporting the Sensenich ground-adjustable composite propeller, among other high-quality components. Conforming to Canadian Advanced Ultralight rules and to the US Light Sport Aircraft standards, the SAM is available as an S-LSA ready-to-fly, as an E-LSA; or as an amateur-built experimental kit in three configurations (short, long, and standard wing, accommodating engines of 80 to 130hp), and as an (available) 250-hour fast build kit. The SAM LS is comfortable, rugged, easy to repair, economical, fun… and has the distinctive classic look of a warbird trainer.

With a 10” Dynon SkyView panel (and an available 7” Dynon system for the rear seat), +/-5.2g limit load factor, and modern design in the classic style, the SAM LS in all its configurations  is a pleasure to fly and a distinctive sight on the ramp.


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