Aspen Glass Now Factory Option on Robinson Helicopters

Aspen Avionics announced today the EFD1000H Primary Flight Display (PFD) system will be available as a factory option on the Robinson R22, R44 Raven I, R44 Raven II, and R66 helicopters. The EFD500H Multi-function Display (MFD) system will be available as a factory option on the R44 Raven I, R44 Raven II, and R66.

The EFD1000H PFD is a compact, lightweight, solid-state electronic flight instrument system which provides a modern alternative to mechanical attitude indicators, directional gyros and horizontal situation indicators. The EFD500H MFD provides additional capabilities which include easy-to-use electronic moving maps.

To accommodate the new glass-style avionics, Robinson replaced its 7-, 9-, and 10-hole instrument panels with 6-and 8-hole instrument panels. The 6-hole panel is standard on the R22 and R44 Raven I while the 8-hole panel is standard on the R44 Raven II and R66. The 8-hole panel is also an option on the R44 Raven I. Both panels allow for glass avionics or traditional instrument configurations.

“The helicopter market is realizing the safety-enhancing benefits of Aspen’s glass panel technology,” says John Uczekaj, Aspen’s president and chief executive officer. “The Robinson platform is a great helicopter to showcase our reliable and versatile EFD1000H PFD, and EFD500 MFD systems.”

EFD1000H PFD features:

  • Airspeed, attitude, altitude, turn rate, slip/skid, magnetic direction and vertical speed
  • Available with either slaved directional gyro (DG) or horizontal situation indicator (HSI) functionality
  • DG and HSI pilot configurable for either 360 degree or 100 degree arc views
  • Map of GPS flight plan may be under laid behind DG or HSI
  • HSI version provides full interface with navigation receivers
  • Pitch sync
  • Solid-state air data computer and attitude reference system
  • Built-in 30 minute backup battery
  • Built-in emergency GPS sensor

EFD500H MFD features:

  • Pilot-configurable VFR/IFR moving map
  • Relative terrain map
  • Geo-referenced instrument approach plates and airport diagrams

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