Trisoft Covers Inc.

New: Sized Panels Protect Lear Delta Fins, Workers

Trisoft Covers Inc. is proud to announce that it is “the only company in the world to offer a lightweight foam cover that protects the Lear 31, 45, and 60 delta fins from falling tools during maintenance.” These sized foam panels are made of lightweight foam, and protect those lower horizontal surfaces from dropped tools, flashlights, spray cans, and all the other hazards that can fall onto thin metal and painted surfaces.

The XLPE foam is resistant to sunlight, heat, and cold; and its closed-cell structure is chemical resistant and will not absorb water. Because they extend ½”-1” beyond the metal surfaces themselves, they also afford brightly-colored visible protection to others who may be working near the parked aircraft.

Joe Garland, President of Trisoft, said “Trisoft is growing very fast. Our edge protectors and mats have gained near-universal acceptance, and now we are responding to numerous customer requests for fitted protective covers for these popular Learjets. These covers last and protect for years, and they’re good protection for both the airplanes and anyone who works near them in the hangar. As we like to note, they’re a lot less expensive than dropping even one tool!”

Each set of covers comes with 6 plastic clamps with “Remove Before Flight” flags attached. Though the panels are for indoor use only (because of the chance of debris or water’s getting between the protective sheet and the aircraft), the clamps hold the panels firmly, so they remain in place even if there is significant turbulence in the hangar.

Available now, the complete kits (covers and clamps) are priced at $655.95 (L-31 and -45) and $965.95 (L-60), F.O.B. Sarasota, Florida.