Premier Aircraft Sales Announces the Premier Edition 172 Upgrade Program Featuring the Centurion 2.0 Turbo Diesel Engine

Along with installing the zero-time, 135-horsepower, Centurion 2.0 turbo diesel engine with Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC), the upgrade also includes a new three-bladed, constant-speed MT composite propeller.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, February 20, 2014 –– Premier Aircraft Sales has announced that it is now offering its exclusive Premier Edition 172 upgrade program, which converts the Cessna Skyhawk’s legacy Lycoming engine to a new-generation, 135-horsepower Centurion 2.0 liquid-cooled and turbocharged diesel engine. The Premier Edition 172 also includes a Garmin G500 glass and GNS750 touch-screen GPS/COM/NAV avionics upgrade.

“We’re introducing the Premier Edition 172 to give our customers the opportunity to upgrade their 172’s with an advanced engine and avionics package that will improve the efficiency, value and safety of these popular aircraft,” stated Art Spengler, VP Operations, Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc. “This program is a direct response to what our customers have been asking for.”

Spengler explained that along with installing the zero-time, 135-horsepower, Centurion 2.0 turbo diesel engine with Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC), the upgrade also includes a new three-bladed, constant-speed MT composite propeller.

Spengler said that at 75% cruise power, the Centurion powered 172 will burn about 5.2 gallons of Jet A-1 per hour. The typical Lycoming-powered 172 will burn around 9.2 gph at the same power setting.

“While the Centurion 2.0’s ability to run on less-expensive Jet-A fuel is what everyone wants to focus on, the upgrade also gives owner/operators a number of other benefits, including a much easier-to-operate single lever FADEC system,” Spengler said. “Power, mixture and propeller settings are all done with one-lever. No more worring over fine power/fuel adjustments.”

Along with the new Centurion 2.0 engine, the Premier Edition 172 upgrade also includes:

• Three-bladed MT composite propeller
• Garmin G500 Electronic Flight Display
• Garmin GTN750 touch-screen GPS/COM/NAV
• Garmin GDL88 ADS-B receiver with weather and traffic
• Fresh annual inspection
• Full airframe, Corrosion X, anti-corrosion application
• New exterior trim package
• Two-year factory warranty from Centurion/Continental and Garmin
• A list of custom options including air conditioning, AmSafe Airbag Seat Restraints and Microaerodynamic Vortex generators
• And more.

 “Another huge advantage of the Premier Edition 172 is that it amazingly smooth and quiet – actually 24% quieter compared to a Lycoming-powered aircraft,” Spengler said. “The smoothness of the engine not only makes the cabin more comfortable and quiet, it also puts much less strain on the avionics and airframe. It makes a really good airplane into a truly great personal traveling machine.”

The advanced design of the Centurion 2.0, jet fuel, turbo diesel engine introduces a number of technological and performance advancements to Cessna 172 owners including:

• FADEC-managed electronic ignition to eliminate hot starts and monitors engine operations.

• No lead and much lower nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon emissions make for “greener” flying. 

• Qualitative mixture control: Only the desired amount of fuel is injected – the engine always operates at the optimal mixture. By design, a diesel engine cannot be destroyed by lean run.

• Self Sparking: No danger of uncontrolled detonation, since fuel is not introduced into the cylinder until the optimal moment of combustion.

• Centurion engines are extremely robust. There are currently over 3,500 Centurion engines in operation around the world totaling more than 3.7 million flight hours.

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