PrivateSky Receives FAA Diamond Award

Vincent Wolanin, Chairman- CEO- Founder of PrivateSky® Aviation Services, Inc. of the world's largest independently owned Gulfstream GII GIII GIV GV GV-SP  FAA Certified Repair Station Y3PR003X, has announced the FAA has awarded its service center with its Diamond Award. PrivateSky® Aviation Services is FAA 145 certified on the Gulfstream GII GIII GIV GV GV-SP and is the only service center in the world that devotes itself exclusively to Gulfstream large cabin total nose to tail services including depot, refurbishments, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, entertainment and avionics upgrades, engine changes etc.  All work is done at its state of the art air conditioned all concrete and steel hurricane proof hangar in Fort Myers, Florida, (KRSW) SW Florida International Airport.

PrivateSky® has also recently devised and engineered a (CMS) Cabin Management System replacement as well for the existing Gulfstream cabin management systems no longer supported by the OEM and has completed a number of installs. The PrivateSky-DPI system allows for the most part the existing cabin components to be reused as huge advantage to an operator. 

Wolanin stated, "PrivateSky® Aviation Services, Inc. is quite proud of the FAA award, but equally and based as well on the work we do with our Gulfstream customers from around the world, who tell others about us, that come here for the Total Excellence™ MRO service center philosophy we strive for daily"