Elbit Systems to Showcase an Array of Cutting Edge Systems and Solutions for Civil Aviation Sectors at HELI-EXPO 2014

The Elbit Systems' helicopter avionics product line for civil applications fuses both synthetic and real-time imagery using a unique design symbology and computer flight guidance.

At the upcoming Helicopter Association International HELI-EXPO 2014 exhibition, set to take place in Anaheim Convention Center, California from 24 -27 February, Elbit Systems (Booth 3211) will present an array of solutions, providing an excellent opportunity for visitors to view displays, live demonstrations and video presentations of the Company’s latest systems for civil aviation.

A world leading provider of innovative, cutting-edge, battle-proven solutions for all sectors of the defense market, Elbit Systems builds on its vast knowledge and experience, reflecting its commitment to offer and support a wide range of technologies and capabilities for the civil aviation sector as well.

The Elbit Systems’ helicopter avionics product line for civil applications fuses both synthetic and real-time imagery using a unique design symbology and computer flight guidance. These features offer helicopter pilots a “real-world” view of the terrain along with all obstacles within their flight path, allowing them to “see and avoid” even when visibility outside the aircraft is limited.

Elbit Systems’ avionics increase mission efficiency and reduce operational costs by ensuring operational success while maintaining a high level of safety. Whether the mission is corporate, search and rescue, offshore marine, law enforcement or emergency management, Elbit Systems’ civil helicopter avionics solutions can be adapted for operational success.

The following highlights systems and products to be exhibited at the show:


Elbit Systems’ Clearvision is a complete, Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS), covering the full flight envelope, that overcomes extreme weather conditions and low visibility situations – both day and night. Clearvision allows for intuitive out-of-the-window flying, minimizing the dependency on airport and helipads instruments, design to reduce landing minima and providing takeoff credit. The Clearvision display fuses conformal flight guidance symbology with synthetic vision presentation and high-resolution EVS video on a Head Mounted Display. The Clearvision suite has been selected by leading Part 25 platform manufacturers around the world and now introduced on rotor wing.

Clearvision Heli EVS – As one of the world leaders in EVS, Elbit Systems’ multi-spectral helicopter Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) is an optimized version, based on ClearVision EVS for fixed-wing business jets. Heli EVS enables improved situational awareness and provides the benefit of operational credit. Employing sophisticated fusion algorithms and a range of spectral bands, the EVS offers a 35 degree FOV and is designed to cope with fog and low visibility conditions.

ClearVision EVS for fixed-wing will be presented in a live demonstration at the Company’s booth.

Large Area Display (LAD) – is a 19”x8.25” unique large area display, dual redundant, touch-screen enabled and featuring a wide dimming range for night vision goggle compatibility at low luminance levels. All products in this line are smart IMA displays that can host software applications from Elbit Systems, customer legacy software or third-party software

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