Dassault Falcon Jet Sees Growing Strength in Southeast Asia

(Singapore, February 11, 2014) – Dassault Falcon Jet has recently seen a surge of interest in Falcon business jets in Southeast Asia. “We’re looking at Southeast Asia—in particular countries like Indonesia—as emerging growth countries for business aviation,” said John Rosanvallon, President and CEO of Dassault Falcon Jet. The company anticipates delivering its first Falcon (a 2000LXS) to a customer in Indonesia later this year.

Dassault Falcon Jet is investing heavily in Asia to better serve its expanding customer base in the region and prepare for future growth. These investments will be highlighted – along with a Falcon 7X and Falcon 2000LX – at the Singapore Airshow which opens February 11, at Changi Airport in Singapore.

Falcon Performance and Innovation

The performance of the Falcon fleet is well suited to customers operating in Southeast Asia, where short airfields and high temperatures are common. The Falcon 2000 series and Falcon 7X have been in particularly strong demand because of their large cabins, exceptional flexibility, low operating costs and performance capabilities. In Southeast Asia alone, there are currently 14 Falcons in operation.

The flagship Falcon 7X, equipped with business aviation’s first Digital Flight Control System, can fly nonstop from Singapore to Istanbul, or from Singapore to New York with one stop. And like all current production Falcons, it is the only jet in its category able to meet the challenging requirements of London City Airport. The 7X has a top speed of Mach .90 and is equipped with the award-winning EASy flight deck, which provides an intuitive man-machine interface. EASy II, the latest iteration of the flight deck with enhanced capabilities and features, was granted EASA and FAA certification for the 7X last year.

Building on the very successful Falcon 2000 series, of which more than 500 have been delivered, the 4,000 nautical mile (7,410 km) Falcon 2000LXS will enable operators to access small airfields from destinations even farther afield than the 2000S. The 2000LXS recently started deliveries after achieving certification in the spring of 2013.

UPS Singapore Increases Spares Availability in Asia

Dassault Falcon Jet entered into a partnership with UPS in 2010 to provide an Asia hub for Falcon parts. As part of a global shipping company, UPS Singapore can leverage its well-known logistics and distribution capabilities to ensure a high level of availability for Falcon operators throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Dassault has grown the inventory to over $15 million in spares stocked at this regional distribution center.

Worldwide, Dassault has $750 million in spares inventory composed of 130,000 unique part numbers placed in 13 distribution centers across 11 countries. The largest inventories are located in Teterboro, New Jersey and Paris-Le Bourget, France which are near major airport hubs and allow for expedited shipping and delivery.

To provide technical support on the ground, Dassault Falcon Jet also has Field Technical Representatives located in Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. They are prepared to provide troubleshooting assistance and AOG support for Falcons in the region.

Dassault Falcon Jet will be located at Chalet CD-37 at the Singapore Airshow.