SAF-HOLLAND Introduces New Heavy-duty e-Hitch with Auto-Lock Pin

Muskegon, Michigan, February 10, 2014 – SAF-HOLLAND, a leading global manufacturer of coupling products, announces the introduction of its new HOLLAND EH-HD e-Hitch with new Auto-Lock Pin.

The new EH-HD features a heavy-duty design with up to 22,680 kg (50,000 pounds) MDBP with an increased vertical load rating of 454 kg (1,000 pounds). Unique to the EH-HD is its large, bolt-on mounting flange that can accommodate and be customized for multiple bolt patterns and bolt-hole sizes, including metric and SAE dimensions. The versatility in mounting provides airlines and ground service providers the opportunity to standardize hitch specifications and retrofit across their entire fleet of tugs, carts, and dollies. The EH-HD mounting flange is also approved for weld-on mounting.

To avoid towbar binding in aircraft push-back applications, the new EH-HD is designed so that large outside diameter towbar eyes are pushed by the e-Hitch pin and not by the e-Hitch body.

New Auto-Lock Pin for e-Hitch
In addition to the standard non-lock pin, a new auto-lock pin is now an available option for both EH-HD and EH-3050 e-Hitch models. The new pin locks automatically upon closing and then unlocks with a 1/8-inch turn of the handle. For versatility, the non-lock pin and new auto-lock pin are interchangeable.

HOLLAND has an expanded format GSE Coupling Products brochure, which includes the new products listed above as well as Pintle Hooks, Couplers, Towbar Eyes, and Torsional Relief Towbar for baggage cart applications.