NavWorx ADS600-B Tested Successfully at 95K Feet

ROWLETT, TEXAS, FEBRUARY 6, 2014 – NavWorx, Inc. announced today its participation in near-space balloon tests with the successful use of its ADS600-B UAT (Universal Access Transceiver) at 95,000 feet. The tests were designed to validate the application of ADS-B technology on satellite-based delivery stations. The NavWorx UAT was selected as its ADS-B technology is leading in the application and development of equipment for general aviation aircraft.

Tests were performed by Near Space Corp. of Tillamook, OR, with the support of NASA and FAA. The ADS600-B was part of the Transportable Airborne Multi Link ADS-B Coverage Evaluation (TAMLACE) payload package built by CNS Aviation Services.

The NavWorx ADS600-B received FAA certification in July 2013, and offers an affordable solution to the FAA mandate for ADS-B equipage. The ADS-B requirement applies to all aircraft operating in U.S. airspace where a transponder is now required. General aviation aircraft will be required to equip with ADS-B Out and a certified GPS. Presently, a ground-based network of ADS-B radio stations exists in 48 of the continental U.S. states and the Gulf of Mexico. Enhancing the system with the installation of satellite-based communications will improve its efficiency.

The ADS600-B is a device that sends (ADS-B Out) aircraft location information and receives (ADS-B In) additional information including ADS-B, ADS-R and TIS-B traffic and FIS-B weather. The ADS600-B eliminates the need for a costly 1090ES transponder—commonly thought of as a solution for the ADS-B Out requirement. The ADS600-B by NavWorx offers all the advantages of ADS-B, including free FIS-B (Flight Information Services-Broadcast) with weather. It is compatible with current Mode A, C or S transponders.

Testing of the ADS-B system at 95,000 feet was designed to simulate satellite equipage with ADS-B in a means similar to ground stations communicating with UAT devices. The experiment results confirm the potential of ADS-B In/Out for utilization by both stratospheric balloons and suborbital reusable launch vehicles. One goal was to assess the potential of satellite-based ADS-B applications to perform the functions of multiple ground stations. The tests validated that transmissions can replicate, and in many cases improve, the communications among users of the ADS-B system due to the elimination of line-of-sight restrictions afforded by the 95,000-foot vantage point. ADS-B In/Out messages were exchanged with 18 FAA SBS ground stations over the 150 nmi flight path while balloon ADS-B Out was visible to Seattle Air Traffic Controllers.

Bill Moffitt, president of NavWorx, commented, “NavWorx is pleased to participate in the NASA study with our ADS600-B Universal Access Transceiver. We have developed the unit to take full advantage of the features of ADS-B in the future national airspace system.” Moffitt continued, “NavWorx is committed to making ADS-B affordable. The ADS600-B was designed with the current aircraft owner in mind. Pilots have a choice when equipping their cockpit with a compliant ADS-B system. We believe the ADS600-B to be the most affordable and compatible solution available. Installation is a single unit than can operate wirelessly with most of the displays and transponders currently in operation. We are putting ADS-B within reach of all GA pilots.”

ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) is the FAA’s satellite-based successor to radar, delivering the benefits of NextGen air transportation technology to general aviation aircraft. ADS-B makes use of GPS technology to determine and share precise aircraft location information, and streams additional flight information to the cockpits of properly equipped aircraft. NavWorx ADS600-B has been extensively tested and has consistently met the challenges of a rapidly evolving technology.

While other products may appear to offer similar features, only NavWorx delivers the full benefits of ADS-B, requiring no transponder or display changes, additional equipment or installations. The ADS600-B is a single, compact unit and fully compatible with the most commonly used EFIS, EFB, iPad and other devices.

Get the facts from the leader in affordable ADS-B; contact NavWorx to realize the full benefits of ADS-B today. The ADS600-B product line starts at $2,595.00.

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