NATA Welcomes RVSM Process Changes

Alexandria, VA, January 29, 2014 – The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) welcomes the updated policies that will streamline the (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums) RVSM approval process.  The revised process will especially benefit on-demand air carriers, fractional ownership programs and private aircraft operators by allowing FAA inspectors to give appropriate consideration to previous RVSM approvals when a new application is required.

“The RVSM approval process has been an industry concern for several years. I applaud the action by the FAA to update the process to address industry needs while maintaining the necessary oversight for these aircraft,” said NATA President and CEO Tom Hendricks.
While the new policy does not impact existing RVSM approvals, new applications will benefit from the creation of a decision matrix for FAA inspectors.  When an operator with an existing RVSM authorization requests a change, the decision matrix provides clear guidance to the inspector allowing them to take into consideration the current approvals and focus only on the changed items necessitating the new approval.

The new RVSM materials were announced by the FAA this week and the documents are available via