GE Achieves "Organization Designation Authorization" from FAA

EVENDALE, Ohio – January 28, 2014 – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has appointed GE as holder of an “Organization Designation Authorization (ODA).”   GE Aviation, the world’s largest producer of commercial and military jet engines, received ODA authorization after demonstrating to the FAA that GE has the necessary cooperative attitude, integrity, and procedures in place to act impartially on behalf of the FAA.

The ODA designation enables GE Aviation to act on behalf of the FAA in managing certification projects and determining compliance in accordance with stringent FAA procedures, guidelines, and oversight.

Prior to this designation, dozens of GE Aviation technical personnel, operating with the FAA licensed title of “Designation Engineering Representative (DER),” would oversee and approve GE’s certification data on behalf of the FAA. This process required FAA oversight of each GE employee with the DER status. Now, the ODA status enables the FAA to streamline its oversight of GE data through a single construct – the company.

GE expects greater certification efficiencies through the expanded authority of ODA,  while remaining dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of safety through complete compliance with all applicable government regulatory standards.

GE Aviation joins an elite group of aviation companies that hold the FAA’s ODA status, which requires the highest levels of competence in executing upon FAA certification, production and airworthiness functions.

“We worked hand-in-hand with the FAA to achieve this authorization,” said Paul A. Hill, senior engineering manager for Airworthiness and Certification at GE Aviation, and GE’s ODA Lead Administrator. “We are confident that our procedures are at the highest level to successfully manage this significantly increased responsibility. We believe the ODA status will bring greater efficiencies to our many daily interactions with the FAA. We have a great relationship, and as our aviation business grows, so will our collaborative efforts with the FAA.”  

Hundreds of GE Aviation personal were involved in achieving ODA, from several organizations, including Engineering, Supply Chain, and the Six Sigma Quality team.  GE leadership has committed to accept the responsibilities that accompany ODA privileges.

GE Aviation, an operating unit of GE (NYSE: GE), is a world-leading provider of jet, turboprop and turboshaft engines, components and integrated systems for commercial, military, business and general aviation aircraft. GE Aviation has a global service network to support these offerings.