Dublin Aerospace Selected to Carry Out C-Check on Atlantic Airways A319

ATLANTIC AIRWAYS has selected DUBLIN AEROSPACE for a C-Check on one of its A319’s. The C-Check will be carried out at DUBLIN AEROSPACE facilities at Dublin Airport, Ireland.

Commenting on the selection of Dublin Aerospace by Atlantic Airways, Donal Rogers, CEO, stated that “We are thrilled to have been chosen by Atlantic Airways as a provider of airframe maintenance services on Atlantic Airways A319’s.  It reinforces our position as one of the world’s leading supplier of airframe maintenance providers where customers enjoy a flexible and pro-active approach to delivering the highest quality product at industry leading competitive costs. 

Following the contract signing by Atlantic Airways, William Smith, Technical Director, commented: “It´s like a journey back to the roots, coming from the Faroe Islands  to Ireland, and Dublin, there are links from the past, showing that settlers from Ireland were the first to set foot on the Faroe Islands, and now we are linking in again via air.”

About Dublin Aerospace:

Dublin Aerospace, an FAA and EASA licensed MRO, is located at Dublin Airport and operates to the highest efficiency and quality standards.  It offers maintenance services for the aviation sector including overhaul and repair of APUs, Landing Gears and both wide and narrow body maintenance for Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Visit us on www.dublinaerospace.com.