FCX Systems Inc.

FCX Systems Partners With PAGE Industries

FCX Systems, Inc. is excited to announce we have entered into an exclusive agreement with PAGE Industries. This agreement allows PAGE to market and sell the FCX 400 Hz, 270V DC and 28V DC full product line to both the commercial and military markets. FCX and PAGE, encompassing more than 60 years of combined experience in the GSE industry, signed a long-term agreement which increases their customer support base to better meet the growth both companies are experiencing.

FCX's vast experience and expertise in the aircraft ground power markets compliments PAGE's strength as a leading provider of ancillary ground support equipment and centralized 400 Hz systems and designs. This partnership coincides with the introduction of the most advanced frequency converter yet from FCX, the leader in power conversion.

FCX 400 Hz Ground Power for Boeing 787 and other unity Power Factor aircraft

With advanced next generation aircraft such as the B787 now entering service, a capable ground power solution is more important than ever. To meet this challenge, FCX introduced the models X90 (90 kVA/kW) and X180 (180 kVA/kW) 400 Hz solid state frequency units which meet both the demand for support of a continuous unity power factor (1.0 p.f.) load and enough overload capability to support engine starts on the B787 and other aircraft with modern system architectures.

FCX, with its over 25 years of vast experience in the 400 Hz ground support industry, was able to accomplish this enhanced performance through an innovative design utilizing adaptive magnetic wave optimization and voltage stabilization to insure clean input power (<9% ITHD at all load levels). FCX’s new units continue to meet and exceed the requirements of the industry’s toughest power conversion challenges for both next generation and legacy aircraft.