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Schedulers & Dispatchers 2014: Record Number of Branded Dealers to Join Avfuel on Show Floor; "Fuel Your Style" Promotion Returns

January 13, 2014 / BUSINESS AVIATION NEWS / NEW ORLEANS, LA / Avfuel Corporation, a perennial favorite at the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference, is returning to the show floor with more Avfuel-branded FBOs in the Avfuel aisles than ever before. “Last year, roughly 60 of our branded dealers join us at S&D,” said Buffey Linder, Avfuel Marketing Manager. “This year we’re approaching 80.”

New to the Avfuel rows in 2014 are several locations that provide significant value to schedulers. “Monmouth Jet Center is a newly-branded dealer,” said Avfuel Vice President, Marketing, Marci Ammerman. “Their Wall Township, New Jersey, location is only an hour from Manhattan and outside the heavily-congested airspace. With their long runways and ample hangar space, Monmouth Jet Center is an ideal New York City option.” Also represented in the Avfuel row are several international FBOs, including H-18 (just outside of Montreal), SouthAir (a popular trans-Atlantic tech stop in Keflavic, Icenland) and newly-branded Unijet, located at France’s bustling Le Bourget Airport in Paris. “Avfuel is so excited to continue to expand our branded presence in Canada and Europe, and to be able to provide our programs and systems in these strategic and desirable locations,” Ammerman said.

More FBOs in the aisles provides a greater opportunity for show attendees to connect with FBOs in locations they may frequent, as well as providing the added benefit of more participants in Avfuel’s extremely popular “Fuel Your Style” promotion. Participating FBOs each have a different stylish accessory – sunglasses, scarves, jewelry – on display; attendees draw a card to determine how many items they may “shop” for and peruse the aisles to select the items they like best. “We premiered ‘Fuel Your Style’ in 2011, and every year we have customers ask if we’re bringing it back,” said Linder. “They can’t wait to shop the Avfuel aisles!”

In addition to the Avfuel FBO Network, Avfuel will have staff on-site in New Orleans representing Avfuel Contract Fuel, Avsurance, and Avplan Trip Support. “These are important systems that provide significant value to flight departments,” Ammerman said. “Avfuel Contract Fuel has over 3,000 locations and offers easy arrangement and account management. Avsurance works with a variety of underwriters and can provide virtually any aviation-related coverage. Avplan has proven indispensable to companies that fly internationally – we have established relationships all around the world and an experienced staff with extensive knowledge of the requirements for operating in foreign territory.”

Avfuel will also be introducing attendees to the new Avfuel Pro Card, being distributed beginning next month. The Avfuel Pro Card is aimed at businesses and flight departments. It can be used at all Avfuel-branded FBOs as well as all Avfuel Contract Fuel locations. The Avfuel Pro Card includes several unique features, including innovative multi-use technology: “The Avfuel Pro Card will process as an Avfuel Contract Fuel card automatically at locations that offer Avfuel Contract Fuel, but it will process as a retail card at branded FBOs where Avfuel Contract Fuel is not available,” said Ammerman.


Avfuel provides fuel and services to the global aviation industry and is the leading independent supplier in the United States.  Established as a supply and logistics company nearly 40 years ago, Avfuel is core competent in every aspect that surrounds the delivery of fuel – from refinery to wingtip.  Our diverse market of customers include: fixed base operators, airlines, freight companies, corporate flight departments, military special operations and helicopter operators.  Avfuel combines global access with personalized service throughout a fueling network over 2000 locations worldwide and 600+ Avfuel branded dealers and offers business solutions such as AVTRIP, an established, recognized pilot incentive program; the jet fuel savings program Avfuel Contract Fuel and  Avplan, a flight-support and trip planning company for domestic and international customers. Our 100% dedication to aviation demonstrates our passion and commitment to a global community that prospers on the movement of goods and services around the world.