Avia Solutions Group to Develop and Manage the Fourth Moscow Airport

Avia Solutions Group and Rostec have agreed to establish a joint business venture and implement the project of the development and management of the fourth Moscow airport hub on the basis of existing Ramenskoye aerodrome.

Avia Solutions Group, a WSE listed global provider of one-stop-shop aviation business solutions, has recently signed a cooperation agreement with the largest Russian state-owned holding company Rostec. Both companies have agreed upon establishing a joint business venture and implementing the project of the development and management of the fourth Moscow airport hub on the basis of existing Ramenskoye aerodrome.

Avia Solutions Group is to invest 1 billion RUB (over USD 30 million) into the company's share capital and control up to 75% of the newly established company stocks. The Russian industrial giant Rostec will contribute to the project by bringing in the land and real estate currently under its ownership in the territory of Ramenskoye aerodrome. In seven years’ time the total investment into the development of the fourth airport in Moscow is expected to top USD 236 million.

Avia Solutions Group together with Rostec, which currently unites more than 600 companies and employs over a million of people, will conduct the Ramenskoye development project in three stages, planned to be completed in 2014-2019. At the moment the airfield of Ramenskoye, also known under the name of Zhukovsky, has two landing strips one of which is the longest in Europe (5.4 km). In order to transform the airfield into a full-fledged international airport the company needs to build a passenger handling complex and establish all the appropriate services. Therefore, in the first stage of development the existing facilities of Ramenskoye aerodrome will be supplemented with a brand new 7000 sq m passenger handling terminal (capable of serving up to 1.8 million of passengers per year) as well as short-term and long-term parking facilities.

In the process of implementing the project local government institutions are expected to reconstruct the automobile road from the highway to the airport and, by 2020, connect Ramenskoye airport by rail. Avia Solutions Group has embarked on establishing all the required airport services as well as taking care of all the relevant licenses and permits. The first Russian airport specifically built to serve low cost carriers will start its activity as early as in the summer of 2015.

“Moscow is not only the Russian but also the regional air transportation hub with airports serving millions of passengers each year. However, the existing three international airports in the capital of Russia are rapidly approaching the limits of their capacity. It is expected that in 2020 airports in Moscow will serve 96.5 million of passengers per year. What it truly means is that even upon the development and expansion of the existing infrastructure in the currently operating three airports the capacity deficit will reach 10 million. At the moment Russia is in the early stage of developing its market of full-fledged low cost carriers. The process has been further slowed down by the lack of appropriate infrastructure to serve such airlines,” commented Tomas Vaisvila, the Head of Aviation Infrastructure Development and Management at Avia Solutions Group and one of top managers at the newly established Rostec and Avia Solutions Group joint venture.

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