Christchurch Airport Wins AAGSC Safety Award

Christchurch International Airport won the 2013 Safety Award from the Australasian Aviation Ground Safety Council. According to AAGSC Chairman Keith Butler, the airport won for many deciding factors:

  • The airport has installed CCTV monitors at key sites and offices around the airport so that all staff are kept right up to date of any issues affecting the day i.e. bad weather, runway works etc.
  • As an added safety measure on the ramp, lights have been fitted across the roadways which are lit when aircraft are about to push back.
  • Apron Operations Manager Graeme Quate also introduced a multi-agency FOD Parade that occurs at various locations around the airport each month.

"The item that clinched the award was the fact that a three-year terminal reconstruction project, both landside and airside, which worked around and on top of operating buildings was was completed without a serious harm injury," Butler added.