ExxonMobil Aviation Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Mobil Jet OilTM II

(FAIRFAX, Va, December 17, 2013)ExxonMobil Aviation, a leader in high-performance aircraft lubricants and fuels, recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of its popular Mobil Jet OilTM II at its production plant in New Jersey.

Introduced in 1963, Mobil JetTM Oil II is a high-performance, synthetic aircraft-type gas-turbine lubricant that is formulated to handle extreme speeds and temperatures, as well as other stresses placed on airplane engines. 

Today, Mobil Jet Oil II remains one of the aviation industry’s most widely selected lubricant formulations. In fact, Mobil Jet Oil II continues to be a lubricant of choice for many airlines around the world that rely on its ability to deliver exceptional performance, outstanding component protection and count on its global supply reliability.

“We are proud to celebrate this milestone and believe the aviation market’s continued reliance on Mobil Jet Oil II – more than 50 years after its introduction – serves as a great example of how ExxonMobil Aviation continues to deliver the highest level of technology leadership and application expertise to help its customers achieve their business goals,” said Frans Horjus, global aviation lubricants sales manager, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants.

Along with celebrating the 50th anniversary of Mobil Jet Oil II, ExxonMobil Aviation recently celebrated another important milestone with the ground breaking ceremony of its advanced blending and packaging center for synthetic aviation lubricants in Port Allen, La.

The new facility demonstrates ExxonMobil’s continued commitment to the Aviation lubricants business and was designed to meet long term customer needs. Set to be operational by early 2015, this new facility will feature advanced manufacturing capabilities to help support the production of future jet engine oil technologies, including the newest addition to the Mobil Jet family, Mobil Jet Oil 387.

Designed for use in various engine technologies, Mobil Jet OilTM 387 is a synthetic, high performance capability (HPC) jet turbine engine oil, formulated to exceed the industry’s demanding AS SAE 5780 specification and deliver valued performance benefits, including exceptional engine cleanliness, seal compatibility and oxidative stability, as well as high-temperature fluidity. 

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