Avflight Announces Salina, KS (SLN) as New Location

FBO chain Avflight Corporation recently announced that it has acquired the fueling and FBO services assets of America Jet at Salina Regional Airport. Avflight will operate out of the existing FBO facilities leased with the airport.

Salina Regional Airport is known as “America’s Fuel Stop” – the convenient mid-continent location makes it an ideal tech stop for cross-country flyers, as well as supporting a substantial amount of local and regional business.

“Avflight is thrilled at the opportunity to operate at Salina Regional Airport and looks forward to providing world-class service as well as jobs within the local community,” said Carl Muhs, President, Avflight. “Our reputation has been built on the provision of high-touch, reliable service. We believe that our portfolio of services will complement existing airport offerings and enhance experiences for all visitors. We’re excited to introduce these customers to all that Avflight has to offer.”

“We are excited to have Avflight joining the Salina Regional Airport,” said Daran Neuschafer, Board Chairman, Salina Airport Authority. “We have always been proud of the world-class service on our airfield and we believe Avflight will only enhance that service. We look forward to a very positive long-term partnership that will serve our current users and entice new users. Their reputation precedes them and we are privileged to have them on our team.”
Avflight currently operates eight locations, all supplied and branded by Avfuel Corporation, giving the Avflight locations connectivity to a network of over 700 FBOs around the globe and access to Avfuel’s popular pilot/operator offerings.

Avflight Corporation operates nine full-service FBO locations including Detroit, MI (DET), Flint, MI (FNT), Lansing, MI (LAN), Saginaw, MI (MBS), and Ypsilanti, MI (YIP), Durango, CO (DRO), Harrisburg, PA (MDT) and Roswell, NM (ROW). All Avflight locations provide full fueling and line-service operations as well as a wide variety of amenities. Customers range from corporate jet traffic to freight and cargo companies, as well as charter operations and small aircraft. Each Avflight location is staffed by experienced professionals who undergo continual training to ensure that each customer and aircraft receive the safest, most efficient, and friendliest service. Avflight is part of the Avfuel-branded FBO network of 700 independently-owned FBOs around the globe.