Asia Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) Welcomes Chinese Government's Latest Released Policy for General Aviation

Asia Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) welcomes the Chinese government’s latest released policy for General Aviation. The policy states that the China military will transfer out the approval authority of general aviation flight mission not related to national defense security and territory, thus simplifying the process of general aviation flight to some extent.  It is in line with China’s plan to develop the general aviation industry as outlined in the 12th Five Year Plan.  

Under the policy, GA operations in nine specific categories will continue to go through mission application and approval procedures and the operators of GA flights are still required to file flight plans.

AsBAA leaders stated that general aviation offers flexibility and efficiency, the Chinese government is expected to continue its efforts in accelerating the growth of business aviation in China.  The Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) supports the latest general aviation policy as a concrete step in the right direction.

General aviation not only can help connect communities, promote local employment and economic development, but is also a key tool aiding efficiency and effectiveness of businesses. Chinese companies are lining up to take advantage of what is expected to be huge growth across China's general aviation market. The general aviation industry will experience high-speed growth in the next 10 years and it may become a key economic engine for development.

With this initial major step completed, AsBAA looks forward to further regulations on liberalization of the airspace and the approval of general aviation, which will foster the growth of overall regulatory regime that promotes general aviation mobility, flexibility and efficiency

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