SABIC Inspires Future Designers to Tackle Safety Challenges

The winning team of Peng Zhan (CCS), Tung Ting Kan (Hong Kong Polytechnic), Elisabeth Hoelzl (FH Joanneum) and Russell Meschler (CCS) developed a durable, transparent and lightweight transport case using LEXAN resin and featuring a remote-controlled...

There is a growing need to more safely deliver and distribute humanitarian supplies in disaster zones. The runner-up team presented a design concept for a polycarbonate airdrop container to address this increasingly critical need The versatility of LEXAN resin in this application can help provide a lightweight, durable, and recyclable product that is stackable and easily transportable—a significant improvement from the product currently in use which is heavy, difficult to assemble, and can be dangerous to the people receiving supplies.

In addition to the CCS workshop, SABIC has participated in similar research and design competitions.  Collaborating with London’s Royal College of Art (RCA) in two programs —VISIcON and PLASTicon — RCA students were invited to explore new applications of SABIC plastic technologies in vehicle design. Through these relationships, SABIC continues its commitment to collaboration with the design community early on in the product innovation cycle, stretching materials technology and design boundaries.

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