Lear 60 FMS Configuration Upgrades

Universal Avionics and Haggan Aviation teamed up to develop and obtain a WAAS/LPV solution for the Lear 60 series aircraft with UNS-1B+ FMS.

The upgrade includes replacing the existing FMS's with new dual UASC UNS-1F(w) FMS's. The upgrade will provide non-precision and LNAV/VNAV approches that give users access to the more than 700 WAAS/LPV (lateral precision with vertical guidance) approaches that the FAA has published so far.

Haggan Aviation is a member of the AEA. Our avionics technicians are trained and our equipment certified to return RVSM aircraft to service. They can also troubleshoot and repair all types of problems including radars/radios and autopilots.

Haggan Aviation can perform skin mapping requirements and continued air worthiness inspections required for RVSM operation. Other services include systems installation for:

- Cabin entertainment systems
- Cockpit modifications and refurbishment
- RVSM systems installed and certified
- Radar and multi-function displays
- Flight phones
- Our trained personnel, with years of experience will provide you with the utmost in communication and customer service.

At Haggan Aviation there are no "surprises". Quick turnaround with minimal ground time is our goal. Your complete satisfaction
is very important.

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