Sabreliner Corporation Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Certification of the Sabreliner Business Jet

St. Louis, MO / December 13, 2013 – The Sabreliner began as the Air Force T-39, built to military specifications for strength, performance and flying qualities, including the ability to stand up to 4G maneuvers. In 1963, those same high standards were incorporated into the world's first twin-engine business jet, the Sabreliner Model 40.

Four additional models (60, 75, 75A/80, 65) and millions of flying hours later, the Sabreliner family of corporate aircraft boasts an indisputable record of dependable, fast and comfortable executive transportation. Pilots like the Sabreliner's reliability and handling characteristics, often describing it as the most stable and responsive corporate aircraft ever to fly. Passengers enjoy its comfortable and spacious interior as well as its exceptionally smooth ride.

"It all began 50 years ago with an aircraft who's first flight launched an entire industry. And many of those first aircraft off the production line are still in service today, proving that quality and the can-do Missouri spirit are timeless. We're proud of our plane and we're proud of our people," said Sabreliner President and Vice Chairman Susan Aselage.

A total of 631 Sabreliners were built before production ended in 1982, and 232 aircraft are still in service including 42 Sabre 40s which were produced until 1968. Of the 76 Sabre 65s produced between 1979 and 1982, 72 remain in service.

"The forward-thinking spirit that gave rise to the Sabreliner fleet of aircraft is alive at Sabreliner today," added Aselage. "We continue to serve Sabreliner aircraft owners and operators in addition to providing maintenance, interior and paint services to corporate and military clients. In recent years, we've done more Learjet phase inspections than anyone including the OEM, completed helicopters for heads of state around the world, and inspected KC-135s for the Air Force's Center for Aircraft Structural Life Extension. Today's Sabreliner is evolved, relevant and ready."

Sabreliner Corporation:  With locations in Perryville and Ste. Genevieve, MO, Sabreliner Corporation is a diversified aviation services company recognized worldwide for its extensive expertise and capabilities for government, military and business aviation customers. Specializing in airframe, engine, and component modification, inspection, repair, and overhaul, Sabreliner is widely recognized for its ability to keep veteran aircraft in service while being equally qualified to perform aircraft completions to the highest standards. Sabreliner offers complete exterior paint services, interior redesign, as well as major avionics upgrades and installations. The company is a full-service maintenance, repair and overhaul facility.

Sabreliner’s extensive in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable it to fabricate airframe structural assemblies, parts and tooling for use in new fixed and rotary-wing aircraft production, and for repair and overhaul of existing aircraft. Parts and assemblies are produced in accordance with government specifications, under license from OEMs and under FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA). For more information, visit or call 314-863-6880.