Ipsen Inc.

Plan Now to Save Later

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – As the holidays approach, many manufacturing companies are looking toward winter shutdowns in their factories. Before you check off your to-do lists, shut off the lights and lock up, Ipsen recommends using this time to consider what preventative maintenance, cleaning or repairs your equipment may need. Well-planned shutdowns can reduce operating expenses and downtime, increase efficiency and achieve a longer life for your valuable equipment. Being proactive now can help keep your equipment running safely and at optimum performance levels, saving you from having to be reactive to future performance issues.

If you haven’t recorded any visual or performance evaluation information, this may be a good time to get it done. Measuring and recording benchmarks of your equipment’s existing condition will help you create a better maintenance plan in the future.

Not sure what you need in advance of a shutdown? Ipsen’s expert Aftermarket Support team is here to help you determine what, if any, parts you may need and provide those parts. Ipsen can also help you determine what may need inspecting, cleaning or documenting.

“The days of having an equipment maintenance log book attached to your equipment are long gone, but the need for regular maintenance remains. We can help you get on track with your preventative maintenance routine,” said John Worley, Service Manager at Ipsen.

Now is the best time to safeguard your investment and assure your ability to reach your productivity goals for 2014. For more information or to discuss your service needs, contact Ipsen at 800.727.7625 or visit http://bit.ly/IpsenService.