Mitsubishi Aircraft Holds Partners Conference

Nagoya, December 9, 2013 – Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation held partners conference in Nagoya on December 5. At the conference, Mitsubishi Regional Jet’s partners shared information on development programs and current status each other including various tests, and committed to further collaboration to realize the first flight of the MRJ.

A total of 119 members from 30, mostly US, companies, participated the conference which has been held annually in December since 2008.

At the conference, the top management of Mitsubishi Aircraft and partner companies discussed and shared up-to-date information for the first flight, ground tests and flight tests. Further, preparations for production and customer support were reviewed and consolidated.

“This was a terrific opportunity to see how the fuselage for flight test aircraft number one is really starting to take shape. The benefit of these supplier conferences is they allow all of us to get the same messages, and a common understanding of overall program status and next steps.” said Andrew Tanner, Vice President, Pratt & Whitney, commenting on accelerating project development in the future.

About MRJ

Mitsubishi Regional Jet is a family of 70~90-seat next-generation aircraft featuring the Pratt & Whitney’s revolutionary PurePower® engine and state-of-the-art aerodynamic to drastically reduce fuel consumption, noise, and emissions, while offering top-class operational benefits, an outstanding cabin, and large overhead bins designed for heightened passenger flying comfort.