TAP Maintenance and Engineering

TAP M&E Brazil Signs with Brazilian Armed Forces

Rio de Janeiro, December 04, 2013 – In October, TAP Maintenance and Engineering Brazil S/A (TAP M&E Brazil) signed a contract with the Brazilian Navy and Brazilian Air Force to provide preventive and corrective services, aeronautical repair, overhaul and MRO services.

Two contracts were signed with the Brazilian Navy, for the Naval Air Base in São Pedro da Aldeia (BAeNSPA), one for avionics components and the other for hydraulic components. The contracts, which are valid for one year and can be extended for another five years, includes the helicopter squadrons: HA-1 - Super Linx (Model AH-11A); HU-1 -  Esquilo (Model 350/355); HU-2 - Super Puma (Model AS 332/532); as well as the VF-1 aircraft squadron (Model A4 – Skyhawk).

With the Brazilian Air Force a contract was signed, by the Aeronautical Air Park of São Paulo – (PAMASP), for a period of five years, to provide periodic basic level maintenance inspections of the F-5EM/FM aircraft. All the services will be performed in compliance with the sets of work charts, technical bulletins, and technical instructions of the FAB, USAF, and the original manufacturers of the aircraft and its components.

"Over four years ago, our Company set as a strategic objective to diversify the maintenance of aircraft and aeronautical components to include the Defense segment. A Division for Military Projects was created, taking advantage of all the synergies existing in the Company to meet the specific demands of this market segment. The signature of these contracts consolidated that original goal, and we expect to increase our participation in Military Projects to reach more than 20% of our total production capacity,” says Nestor Koch, CEO of TAP M&E Brazil.

Besides aircraft services, the Company has extensive capabilities in engines, landing gear, and aeronautical components, all of which are certified mainly by the ANAC, FAA, EASA, TCCA, DGAC, and other aviation authorities, as well as a calibration, chemical, and metallurgical laboratories to give support to the operations of our commercial and military customers.