RAA Elects New Board and Appoints Special CEO Pilot Supply Task Force

Washington, D.C.-December 3, 2013—The Regional Airline Association (RAA) elected new board officers for the 2014-15 term during its Fall Board meeting at Embraer’s Fort Lauderdale facility. Officers include: Chair Brad Holt of ExpressJet; Vice Chair Bryan Bedford of Republic Airways Holdings; Treasurer Linda Markham of Cape Air; and Secretary Steve Farrow of Piedmont Airlines. Trans States Holdings President Rick Leach also was named a member of the executive committee.

With the issue of pilot supply an industry priority, the Board created a special CEO task force organized to help guide the association’s efforts, including Bryan Bedford, Brad Holt and Jim Rankin, Air Wisconsin President. 

“It’s frustrating when there’s a need for new pilots, and thousands of young students are qualified to pursue this rewarding career, the goalposts have been moved making it that much harder to become an airline pilot,” said RAA President Roger Cohen. “RAA’s members are committed to working with Congress and all aviation stakeholders to expand this opportunity, and continue providing safe, professional air service to the 70% of the U.S. that relies exclusively on regional airlines for their connection to the global economy.”

Founded in 1975, Washington, D.C.-based RAA provides a wide array of technical, government relations and public relations services for regional airlines. With safety as its highest priority, the association's 29 member airlines and nearly 200 associate members represent the key decision-makers of this vital sector of the commercial aviation industry. With more than 13,000 regional airline flights every day, regional airlines operate half of the nation’s scheduled flights with nearly 75 percent of U.S. airports relying on regional airlines exclusively.