Virgin Galactic Goes Live with Ultramain M&E and Mobile Electronic Logbook Software

ALBUQUERQUE — November 26, 2013 — Ultramain Systems, Inc. (USI), based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA announced today the go-live of ULTRAMAIN® v9™ software at the world’s first spaceline company, Virgin Galactic. Virgin Galactic went live on the entire ULTRAMAIN M&E/MRO product suite, including ActionGraphix™, ActionAnalytics™, Mobile Mechanic™ and Mobile Inventory™, as well as efbTechLogs™. This go-live marks a number of first-ever events for both Virgin Galactic and Ultramain Systems.

According to Mark McCausland, President of Ultramain Systems, “Virgin Galactic is on the cutting edge of aerospace technology and achievement. Working with them has been an incredible experience. We are of like mind in our desire to expand the envelope of paperless operations through the use of well thought-out software. The software in use by Virgin Galactic is the most sophisticated collection of ULTRAMAIN applications produced to date and will be an integral part of the space tourism operations.”

In addition to being the first to offer commercial space tourism, Virgin Galactic is the first spaceline to implement commercial grade Maintenance and Engineering software. “We are honored that our software (ULTRAMAIN M&E) is a part of that distinction,” McCausland added. The Virgin Galactic go-live constitutes several other firsts including the first operational use of an electronic logbook (ELB) on a mobile device and the first operational mobile ELB integrated with an M&E system. Virgin Galactic is also the first user of the paperless Mobile Mechanic and Mobile Inventory software.

“This is an exciting time for us,” said Justin Daugherty, Space Operations Maintenance Control Coordinator for Virgin Galactic. “ULTRAMAIN software is allowing us to operate at the highest level of visibility, safety, and compliance for our operations. In addition, with ULTRAMAIN, Virgin Galactic is leading the way in developing a paperless spaceline operations environment.”

Mark Butler, Virgin Galactic Project Manager for Spaceport America said, “Ultramain Systems is a global company that is based in New Mexico. We take pride in working with a New Mexico business that provides the best-in-class software that will be running our maintenance operations.”

About Ultramain Systems, Inc.

For more than 30 years, Ultramain Systems has provided superior M&E/MRO software products and professional software implementation services to leading aviation companies worldwide. Their flagship product, ULTRAMAIN®, is a comprehensive airline maintenance and logistics solution that has been refined and enriched through years of collaboration with Ultramain Systems’ customers.

Their innovative product, efbTechLogs™, replaces aircraft paper flight logs with an easy-to-use, touch-screen interface that speeds communication between cockpit crews and ground maintenance crews. Web-based, secure, and supporting the latest communications protocols, efbTechLogs enables faster turnaround times, so aircraft spend more time in the air and less time on the ground.

Ultramain Systems headquarters is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For more information about Ultramain Systems and their products, please visit, send an inquiry to, or call 505.828.9000

About Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic, owned by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and aabar Investments PJS, is on track to be the world’s first commercial spaceline. The new spaceship (SpaceShipTwo, VSS Enterprise) and carrier craft (WhiteKnightTwo, VMS Eve) have both been developed for Virgin Galactic by Mojave-based Scaled Composites. The Spaceship Company, a new aerospace production company founded by Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites, is building the fleet of vehicles for Virgin Galactic. Founded by Burt Rutan, Scaled developed SpaceShipOne, which in 2004 claimed the $10m Ansari X Prize as the world’s first privately developed manned spacecraft. Virgin Galactic’s new vehicles share much of the same basic design, but are being built to carry six customers, or the equivalent scientific research payload, on sub-orbital space flights, allowing an out-of-the-seat, zero-gravity experience and offering astounding views of the planet from the black sky of space for tourist astronauts and a unique microgravity platform for researchers. The VSS Enterprise and VMS Eve test flight program is well under way, leading to Virgin Galactic commercial operations, which will be based at Spaceport America in New Mexico.