KARL STORZ Industrial Group

KARL STORZ Industrial Group-America Introduces MoVeo™ The Next Generation Industrial Portable Articulating Videoscope System

El Segundo, CA – November, 2013 – KARL STORZ Industrial Group a leading global manufacturer and supplier of industrial grade remote visualization imaging systems, introduces MoVeo™ a revolutionary portable articulating videoscope system  for industrial remote visual inspection applications.

The MoVeo portable 4-way articulating video borescope system with integrated full color display, LED light source, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and embedded imaging software provides the industrial investigator a new paradigm in ergonomic, fatigue-free digital visual inspection.  The ergonomic handle is designed for both right and left handed operators.  The user-friendly software interface offers an exclusive comparative measurement function for estimating the extent of defects during visual inspection.  Other unique features include image rotation, auto-off, digital zoom, image and video annotation with text, date and time specifications and more…

MoVeo delivers professional grade imaging capabilities enabling visual inspection documentation and video recording in high resolution.  All image and video data files can be saved via SD cards and easily transmitted to any computer for image processing or video editing.  Enhancing its flexibility, MoVeo offers connectivity to external displays for co-observation.

MoVeo is an all-in-one video borescope imaging system designed for borescopic non-destructive visual inspection in technical applications including turbines, motors, component parts as well as gas, oil and chemical container inspection without time-consuming disassembly work or causing damage to the object being inspected.

Designed to provide the industrial investigator an ergonomic handling experience with unprecedented mobility, MoVeo is a robust industrial grade imaging tool that stands-up to the rigorous demands of today’s remote visual inspection applications. The tungsten carbide sheath with outer coating protection simplifies insertion and protects against compression.  4-way deflection with precision angulation control of up to +/- 150° ensures reliable and effective visual inspection in the most challenging inspection environments.  Sheath diameters are available in 4mm and 6mm in various working lengths up-to 6m.

The MoVeo system is shipped in an industrial grade multi-functional transport case that has storage capacity for all necessary imaging components including spare batteries, multifunctional tripod, a rigid protective sheath and interchangeable lenses.  This case is ideal for transporting MoVeo to sites locally or around the globe.  In addition, it ingenious design doubles as a stationary workstation supporting a multifunctional holding arm enhancing the systems versatility.