Quest Aviation Solutions (Dubai) is appointed to sell the Multi-Mission MD Helicopter product range in the UAE.

Debuts Explorer 902 at Dubai Air Show

Dubai-based Quest Aviation Solutions has been appointed exclusive sales distributor for MD Helicopters' multi mission product range of helicopters in the UAE. The deal was announced on the opening day of the 2013 Dubai Air Show.  Quest’s territory will cover the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras-al-Khaimah and Fujairah.

Quest Aviation Solutions, part of the Quest Investment Group (Dubai) will market the whole MD Helicopter product range from the single-engine multi mission 500 and 600 series including the unique 530F and 540F for hot-and-high challenging missions, to the top of the range twin- engined MD 902 Explorer.  The Explorer is now flying all over the world in Police, Medevac (HEMS), VIP, Offshore and utility Missions and for sale at just over $6 million, plus clients' desired options. The 500, 600 and 902 series of MD Helicopters all have the innovative “NOTAR” (No Tail Rotor) technology which allows for safer and quieter operational missions, which are essential requirements for Policing and EMS roles.

Quest and MD Helicopters realize that Parts and Maintenance support is crucial to the success of the product within the territory.  Accordingly, discussions are taking place to provide a Parts and Maintenance “Center of Excellence,” giving confidence to purchasers of any of the MD Helicopter Products.

Quest is showcasing the versatile eight-seat MD 902 Explorer at the Dubai AirShow’s new Dubai World Central, Mohammed Al Maktoum Airport venue for the first time, configured in an EMS role.  Chalet B15 on the static park.  This aircraft is in service with Qatar’s Gulf Helicopters which has been the country’s first civil EMS contract, supporting the HAMAD Hospital in Doha, since 2008.  It is proving to be a reliable and rugged performer within the challenging environment and hot temperatures of Qatar.   Quest has also confirmed it will embark on a demo tour with this aircraft after the Dubai Airshow.

The Team at Quest Aviation Solutions, part of the Quest Investment Group, has considerable experience in marketing both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft globally.  Commercial Director Mike Creed will lead the sales drive.

"We very much look forward to securing new sales in the UAE, mirroring the success MD Helicopters has achieved in other equally demanding markets, " Mike Creed said.   “After a slow couple of years the appetite for general business aviation and Multi Mission Light helicopters has improved significantly in the UAE,” he emphasized.  Creed sees a significant change of thinking in the region where the Light Multi Mission Helicopter will start to excel in the Police and the EMS roles, especially.  The MD Explorer’s attractiveness is that it combines twin engine safety with “NOTAR” technology, providing quiet and safe operational needs which all operators demand.

"MD has not been pro-active in the UAE for a few years now, owing to a targeted strategy in other global regions.  But now, with this new partnership with Quest, which will be dedicated to promoting the unique characteristics of our helicopters, as well as the excellent relationship we enjoy with the company’s directors and Mike Creed, we are confident we have the right partner  to deliver sales success in the region,” said Perry Orr, MD Helicopters Director, Middle East and Africa.

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