Locatory.com Integrates with the Pentagon 2000SQLTM System

Locatory.com, an industry leader in supporting the aviation industry with IT-based Supply Chain Optimisation solutions worldwide, has selected Pentagon 2000SQLTM for integration with its own trading platform catered specifically to the aircraft spare parts aftermarket. Responding to the rapid growth and the most recent trends in the aviation industry, Locatory.com has started its business process integration and added Pentagon 2000 Software as its initial ERP partner.

Gabriel Mofaz, President at PENTAGON 2000 Software, Inc. commented that “the Locatory.com inventory & services locator has a very comprehensive set of data that is required throughout the industry, and they are making significant investments to expand their offerings and maintain leading technology for their platform. With over 2 billion inventory items listed and more than 700,000 repair capabilities included, it is no wonder that many of our key customers connect to the service on a daily basis".

Zilvinas Sadauskas, the CEO of Locatory.com added “Pentagon 2000 Software has been in business for over 27 years and serves leading OEM's, global operators, a broad set of repair stations, and distributors in all regions of the world. We have a core set of common customers today, and this new integration will allow quick and seamless expansion of our service capabilities to hundreds of other businesses that utilize the Pentagon 2000SQLTM platform today."

About Locatory.com:

Locatory.com - is an IT company supporting the aviation industry with IT-based Supply Chain Optimisation solutions worldwide. The company develops and maintains its own trading platform catered specifically to the aircraft spare parts aftermarket while offering proactive customer support and enhancing the industry with effective supply chain management solutions.

Locatory.com is a part of Avia Solutions Group - a WSE-listed company with more than 17 subsidiaries providing global aviation business solutions covering everything from aircraft maintenance and repair, crew training, technical training to ground handling, crew leasing, and other aviation related services.

For further information please visit www.locatory.com

About PENTAGON 2000 Software, Inc.: (www.pentagon2000.com)

PENTAGON 2000 Software, Inc. is a leading supplier of enterprise software systems in the Aerospace, Defense and Electronics industries.  PENTAGON 2000 develops, licenses and supports PENTAGON 2000SQLTM , a state of the art, fully-integrated software system that conforms to the unique business processes, quality assurance systems and regulatory requirements found in the Aerospace, Defense and Electronics Industries.  PENTAGON 2000SQL is the leading, integrated solution for enterprises and business units and provides solutions for:

• Repair and Overhaul of Complex Equipment (MRO)

• Parts Distribution and Brokerage

• Logistics Supply & Supply Chain Management

• Heavy Aircraft Maintenance and Depot Maintenance

• PMA, Build-to-Print and Discrete Manufacturing of Technical Products

• Government Contracting

• Commercial and Military Air Fleet Operation

• Fixed Base Operations

For more information on PENTAGON 2000SQL, Contact: sales@pentagon2000.com