Ultramain Systems Announces Release of EFB Solutions Services

ALBUQUERQUE — November 7, 2013 — Ultramain Systems, Inc. (USI) announces a new service offering, ULTRAMAIN®efbSolutions™, designed to assist airlines in achieving paperless cockpit certification. The innovative service offering is staffed by a team of industry professionals that are highly experienced in certifying EFBs, paperless operations, and mobile devices in the cockpit.  USI’s efbSolutions team have “been there, done that,” and understand first-hand the complexities involved in going paperless. The team will work directly with airline EFB project teams to provide guidance and help ease the transition to a paperless operation. 

Mark McCausland, President of Ultramain Systems, stated, “In implementing our market-leading electronic logbook software, efbTechLogs™, airlines relied on our experienced team members to help them cut through the complexities of the EFB selection and implementation process. efbSolutions is formalizing a service we have already been providing. By engaging USI earlier, costs and complexities of certifying a paperless cockpit can be significantly reduced.”

Tim Spears, Vice President of Onboard Systems, pointed out that USI has extensive experience developing electronic technical log software and stated, “We have a wealth of experience that we are making available to airlines through efbSolutions. Our professionals will help airlines speed up the EFB implementation process, while making that same process less complex. The experience of the efbSolutions professionals will reduce implementation costs and reduce program risk.

ULTRAMAIN efbSolutions incorporates a systemized building block approach to the EFB implementation process. This process is designed to make the otherwise complex process simple by overcoming the numerous hurdles involved in the EFB implementation process, including hardware and software options, connectivity options, regulatory approvals, timeline, budget, and much more. efbSolutions breaks the process down into manageable steps that help operators fulfill their program requirements within budget and on time.

“We are excited to be able to offer airlines the strategic advantage of an EFB program designed by the ULTRAMAIN efbSolutions team,” said Larry Lenamon, Manager of Operational Experience for Ultramain Systems. “efbSolutions, which we offer in conjunction with consulting services, will ultimately result in a significant reduction of operational costs and a significant increase in the safety and efficiency of ground and flight operations.”

About Ultramain Systems, Inc.

For more than 30 years, Ultramain Systems has provided superior M&E/MRO software products and professional software implementation services to leading aviation companies worldwide. Their flagship product, ULTRAMAIN®, is a comprehensive airline maintenance and logistics solution that has been refined and enriched through years of collaboration with Ultramain Systems’ customers.

Their innovative product, efbTechLogs™, replaces aircraft paper flight logs with an easy-to-use, touch-screen interface that speeds communication between cockpit crews and ground maintenance crews.

Web-based, secure, and supporting the latest communications protocols, efbTechLogs enables faster turnaround times, so aircraft spend more time in the air and less time on the ground.

Ultramain Systems headquarters is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For more information about Ultramain Systems and their products, please visit www.ultramain.com, send an inquiry to sales@ultramain.com, or call 505.828.9000.