DiSTI Awarded Contract for F-16 Virtual Maintenance Training

Orlando, FL (November 5, 2013) – The DiSTI Corporation, a leading provider of 3D interactive user
interface software and customized training solutions, was awarded a contract by an international
customer to build a virtual maintenance trainer for the F-16C Block 52 aircraft. The virtual maintenance
trainer will enhance training initiatives of the sophisticated aircraft while effectively reducing overall
training costs.

The F-16 aircraft first entered service in 1978 for the United States Air Force and quickly evolved into a
world-wide multi-role fighter aircraft. Today with over 4,500 produced, and in service in 26 countries,
the F-16 is a strategic asset for air superiority and defensive operations. As a backbone to several
defense organizations, the fast and efficient handling of the F-16 to minimize downtime is crucial for
mission success. Using the latest technologies to create a virtual maintenance trainer, which will
augment traditional training for aircraft crewmembers, will ensure that the F-16 will always be mission

DiSTI’s Professional Services team is a pioneer in the development of interactive 3D environments for
use in virtual maintenance trainers. DiSTI’s specialized workflow efficiently manages all phases of the
virtual environment development including project requirements identification and analysis, source data
collection, automatic code generation, software build automation, and testing. DiSTI’s intuitive Virtual
Maintenance Training Environment (VMTE) immerses the student into the training scenario with easyto-
use controls that minimize the amount of time it takes to effectively operate the trainer.

“We are excited and honored to receive this contract. It represents a significant step forward in
expanding the advanced training on an aircraft platform that has served to protect dozens of countries
for over 30 years. The international customer is a visionary among the F-16 platform owners for
recognizing the immense benefits of applying advanced virtual training technologies so this critical
fighter can continue to serve their country,” said Christopher Giordano, Director of Global Sales &
Support of DiSTI.

For more information on DiSTI’s VMT services, visit www.disti.com/VMT.

About DiSTI

DiSTI is a global leader in the development of User Interface software for businesses, governments and
the military. The company’s flagship product, GL Studio, enables programmers and developers to build
high-fidelity graphics, 3D simulations and fully interactive controls into their models, enhancing the level
of realism and sophistication, while improving learning and retention.

More than 400 customers worldwide, including BAE, Boeing, Dassault, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell,
Raytheon and Thales, use DiSTI solutions to build maintenance trainers, create PC and Internet-based
courseware and to develop components for safety-critical applications. As a full service provider, DiSTI
offers a complement of customer programming and development services, and is the recognized leader
in training solutions for the global simulation and training community. For more information, visit