Skandia Announces New DAX VXS Visco-Elastic Foam

Davis Junction, IL – Skandia, Inc., announces that it has launched the new-generation DAX VXS Visco-Elastic foam.

“Today’s business jets are traveling further than ever before, so the comfort of the aircraft’s seats is more important than ever before,” stated Skandia Vice President, Jarod Triplett. “The highly-resilient, visco-elastic structure found in this new DAX VXS foam is a truly revolutionary product. Passengers will get up from a long flight feeling less fatigued and more rested than ever before.

“This new foam product exhibits all of the high quality physical and flammability properties that have made DAX Foam the leader in the industry and adds the comfort enhancement found in the unique visco-elastic cellular structure,” he added. “Originally developed for bodily support during sleep, the new visco-elastic foam will make passengers think they are literally sitting on a cloud.”

Along with superior comfort, the new DAX VXS Visco-Elastic foam offers these benefits:

• Lighter weight: 25- to 50% lighter per cubic foot than other visco-elastic foams

• Superior anti-flammability performance to meet current 25.853(a) and 25.853(c) regulations

• Available in a variety of thicknesses from 0.25 inches (0.64 cm) up to 2.00 inches (5.08 cm).

“Leading manufacturers of ultra long-range business jets are currently conducting a series of tests comparing this new DAX VXS Visco-Elastic foam with what was previously the best seat foam on the market,” Triplett said. “The literal bottom line was that the passengers seated in the visco-elastic foam seats will undoubtedly provide more comfort.”

About Skandia Incorporated

Skandia Incorporated is a global leader in aircraft cabin component testing, development, production and refurbishing. Along with providing a wide variety of seating foam products and cabin soundproofing materials, Skandia also supports their aircraft OEM, MRO and completion center, and airline customers, highly specialized interior component repair and refurbishing services. Skandia is one of the aviation industry’s most recognized and respected FAA and EASA approved Flammability Testing laboratories. Their staff includes FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) and Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs). Services include the full range of Flammability, Smoke, and Toxicity testing. For more information, visit: