JDA Unveils SafeAssure™ Safety Risk Assessment Program

BETHESDA, MD - JDA today announced a comprehensive Safety Risk Assessment (SRA) program called SafeAssure that encompasses the five-step Safety Risk Management (SRM) requirements outlined in FAA Orders 8000.369 and 5200.11.

SafeAssure   is designed to produce a high-quality risk management process that ensures complete documentation for FAA acceptance of the SRA screening of Airport projects. It   also aligns with the nine sections of the Safety Risk Management Document (SRMD) standard established by the FAA Air Traffic Organization (ATO) 

SafeAssure  provides a structured, proven method of identifying, analyzing, assessing and mitigating risks that are ultimately reflected in the client’s safety performance. The end product is a fully documented risk management document that conforms to FAA requirements.

“SafeAssure  is performed by facilitators with extensive experience in managing safety of aviation operations with airlines, airports, and various FAA disciplines.  The depth and breadth of our SRA facilitator experience brings significant value and credibility to the risk management process,” said Joe Del Balzo President & CEO. 

To learn more about the JDA SafeAssure program contact Cynthia Schultz at 301-941-1460 ext.130 or via email at cschultz@jdasolutions.aero.

About JDA - For more than 15 years, JDA has been a leading aviation industry consultant, delivering innovative solutions for aviation client challenges in safety, compliance, certification, obstruction evaluation, technology infusion and expert witness support.

JDA offers a wide range of certification and operations-related services and products including technology transfer, new carrier certification, obstruction evaluation, safety-based manual systems, ATOS Conformance Audits, Virtual Safety Offices, Crisis Management, and Safety Management Systems.

The company’s client base includes many of the leading aviation and aerospace companies and airports in the country including American Airlines, Trans States Airlines, GoJet Airlines, Republic Airlines, Piedmont Airlines, Sentient Flight Group, Frontier Airlines/Lynx Aviation, CJ Systems Aviation, Sundance Helicopters, Olympus Aviation LLC, Charles E. Smith Inc., and Nevada Development Corporation. JDA also represents ESCO, which manufactures and installs the Engineered Material Arrestor System (EMAS), the FAA certified breakaway-concrete surface installed at the end of runways to provide overrun protection.   

For additional information on JDA Aviation Technology Solutions visit JDA’s website at www.jdasolutions.aero or call 301-941-1460 to arrange for a private briefing.