Tecnatom-Metalscan, a leading actor in NDT

For its official opening on Friday, October 11 TECNATOM - METALSCAN, the French leader of non-destructive testing, welcomed more than 200 people at its new headquarters in Saint Loup de Varennes, Saône -et-Loire. At this occasion and in the presence of its partner, the company M2M, METALSCAN and TECNATOM unveiled ambitious plans of TECNATOM - MERALSCAN group.

Bruno Lebrun, CEO of METALSCAN, exposed the company’s industrial strategy in four areas:

- Industrial on-line applications for tubes, bars, plates based on M2M electronics including an internally developed software management system named Lineview.

- Immersion tank applications for the aerospace industry, or for metalworking or composite components with the highest performance in conventional U.S. and phased array.

- Specific applications such as portable scanners Galaxy 2 or Rollscan. METALSCAN has increased its R&D capacity and can therefore cover wider applications. The robotic applications remain with TECNATOM.

- Inspection services, level I, II and III grade, on site or in-house, based on a solid expertise in tanks building (such as Maxi-Bacus).

Bruno Lebrun: "With this policy, a major NDT player with a strong innovation capacity is preparing to conquer new markets out of France."

According to José Guerra, CEO of TECNATOM, a company initially dedicated to the nuclear industry, the investments into METALSCAN and the field of non-destructive testing is part of the diversification strategy of the group. With the acquisition of METALSCAN, the group’s focus now includes the aerospace, rail and steel industry. With this acquisition, the development of products and services in the field of ultrasound technology with phased array and its applications becomes possible.


TECNATOM - METALSCAN develops and produces non-destructive testing solutions and offers a wide range of services in the domain of ultrasonic controlling systems. It controls the complete product chain (acoustic, mechanical, computer, electronics), from the stage of research to the manufacture and equipment of products and innovative ultrasound inspection systems. Today, the group works with leading contractors in the field of Aerospace, Energy, "Tube & Pipe", Rail, Petrochemical and the Steel Industry. METALSCAN is part of the Spanish group TECNATOM (128 million euros in turnover, 850 people) - www.tecnatom.es.