Flat Rate "No Billback" Support Ignites Interest: Ignition Exciters

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (October 31, 2013) - In a day and age when good enough is often acceptable and meeting your expectations is considered the bar for excellence CRS is pleased to exceed the norm. With an exciter support program that provides guaranteed No Billback pricing and unconditional warranty coverage, the community must be made aware. Ignition exciters’ are an integral part of an engine’s performance and for CJ610 and CF700-series, Rolls Royce RR250, Pratt & Whitney PT 6 and JT 15D engines, the bar has been raised on exciter support and reliability.

CRS is offering a flat rate guaranteed no additional billing exchange fee with a two-year or 1,000-hour unconditional warranty on the 10-614950-1 used on RR250 engines, the exciter series 10-381550- 1, 2, 4 and 22 used on PT6 and JT 15D engines and the 43467 used on the CJ610/CF700-series engines.

“We saw an opportunity to improve the support offering for these exciters and felt it was a viable program for CRS and TTA to invest in” stated President Armando Leighton. With the repairs being performed by TTA aka ThrustTech Aviation an FAA authorized Repair station and CRS handling the distribution, the total support offerings are controlled ensuring reliability and availability of these exciters. For additional information call your local CRS Representative or CRS headquarters today.

For more information on CRS, visit www.crsjetspares.com or call 954.972.2807.

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