Soloy Aviation Announces EASA Approval for LED Landing Light Kit

Olympia, WA – Soloy Aviation Solutions announced that the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued Supplemental Type Certificate 10046687 for the fabrication and installation of the Soloy wing mounted LED landing and  taxi light kits for the Cessna 206G and 206H model aircraft.

“Soloy received STC approval earlier this year through the FAA for the LED landing and recognition light kit. Now the additional EASA approval will allow 206 operators throughout Europe to experience the benefits this popular Soloy kit,” commented Dave Stauffer, CEO and president of Soloy.

The kit installs a second light source on the leading edge of the right wing to complement the factory installed left wing taxi and landing lights. Each wing retains its two light bulb configuration. The taxi light uses a diffused lens to cast wider light during taxi operations while the landing light projects a much narrower but far more penetrating beam than the current landing light bulb. The kit further converts both sides to LED illumination, creating significant visibility improvement in taxi and landing environments.

Pulse light capability is also included in the kit. Pulsing the landing light between the two wings greatly enhances recognition and visibility from other aircraft which is desirable especially in high traffic environments.

Pricing for the Soloy STC is available as a shipped kit or as a complete installation by Soloy. To see a short video of the LED lights in action go to For more information and pricing contact Soloy at 360-754-7000 or 49-172-715-9037 in Europe.

Soloy Aviation Solutions

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