Vietnam - The Rise of Another Aviation Tiger?

In 2012 the growth of international air passenger traffic in Vietnam reached approximately 10.8%, while in China the international air travel market increased by 10.3% only.

Meanwhile, the growing potential of Vietnamese air transport didn’t go unnoticed by other regional airlines. According to the Diio Mi data, the largest carriers connecting Vietnam with the rest of the world include (apart from the national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines)  such foreign giants as AirAsia, Thai Airways, Singapore Airways and others. And the competition posed by foreign carriers from South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, China and Europe keeps getting tougher. 

“While the national training industry is still developing, Vietnamese carriers are continuously looking for staff from across the entire region. Today approx. 500 expats are already flying for Vietnamese companies. Local carriers are eager for experienced personnel as it is the only way they can ensure further development of their fleets. Considering the competition in the regional job market, Vietnamese employers are also forced to keep higher salary rates for foreign pilots in order to compete with airlines from China, Malaysia or Indonesia. At the same time, it seems that Vietnam might also create extra opportunities for bizav pilots. As a result of intense penetration of foreign companies to the local economy, the number of business tourists in Vietnam has more than doubled in the past eight years, giving the floor to the development of corporate and private aviation in the country,” concluded the CEO of

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