Liebherr-Aerospace: Final Assembly of First Bleed System Parts for Silvercrest Test Bed

Liebherr-Aerospace has been selected by the French engine manufacturer Snecma (Safran) to supply the engine bleed air system for the Silvercrest engine. The system includes high-pressure and high-temperature valves, a pre-cooler, high-pressure ducting and related sensors and controls. Liebherr-Aerospace’s new generation bleed system will substantially contribute to the Silvercrest engine’s reduced environmental footprint with highly reliable, lightweight and compact electro-pneumatic technology.

Liebherr-Aerospace has achieved now a milestone in the development of the bleed air system with the start of the final assembly and the testing of the parts, i.e. valves and pre-cooler, that will be delivered to Snecma for the flying test bench. The design, development and manufacturing of the bleed system is under the responsibility of Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS, Toulouse (France), Liebherr’s center of excellence for aerospace air management systems.

Liebherr-Aerospace is proud to contribute to a greener air transport and to the success of the Silvercrest program.

Liebherr-Aerospace is a leading supplier of systems for the aviation industry

Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS, Toulouse (France), is one of ten divisional control companies within the Liebherr Group and coordinates all activities in the aerospace and transportation systems sectors.

Liebherr-Aerospace is a leading supplier of systems for the aviation industry and has more than five decades of experience in this field. The range of aviation equipment produced by Liebherr for the civil and military sectors includes flight control and actuation systems, landing gear and air management systems. These systems are deployed in wide-bodied aircraft, single-aisle and regional aircraft, business jets, combat aircraft, military transporters, military training aircraft, civil helicopters and combat helicopters.

Liebherr’s aerospace and transportation systems division employs more than 4,400 people. It has four aviation equipment production plants at Lindenberg (Germany), Toulouse (France), Guaratinguetá (Brazil) and Nizhny Novgorod (Russia). These production sites offer a worldwide service with additional customer service centers in Saline (Michigan/USA), Seattle (Washington/USA), Wichita (Kansas/USA), Montreal (Canada), Sao José dos Campos (Brazil), Hamburg (Germany), Moscow (Russia), Dubai (UAE), Singapore and Shanghai (People’s Republic of China).