COMSOFT Ensures Nepal and India Are Set for AMHS Link

KATHMANDU/NEPAL, October 2013 – The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and Aviation Authority of India (AAI) have successfully concluded interoperability tests between their respective national AMHS hubs, Kathmandu and Mumbai, marking their readiness for interconnection using COMSOFT’s AMHS technology.

AAI has been using the German expert’s market-leading product AIDA-NG since 2009, while CAAN commissioned the system in 2012. With the joint connection the countries prove their determination to support the transfer of international flight plans and other aeronautical data through the latest ICAO standard.

Great teamwork from the Kathmandu and Mumbai teams has ensured the IOT process a smooth one, and with this now completed the ANSPs can both look ahead towards the pre-operational tests and commissioning of the AMHS link, planned to take place in the coming months.

Mountainous Nepal, overlapped by the Himalayas, and the vast and differing Indian landscape, will benefit immensely from the advanced message handling connection that will allow the pair to transmit vast quantities of up-to-date digital formats of data from their respective aeronautical hubs.

Unlike AFTN messaging, AMHS is capable of transporting arbitrary aeronautical data content such as the upcoming XML-based formats AIXM 5.1, and Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM), making the switch significant for the future of air traffic management transmissions.

COMSOFT GmbH was established in 1979 and has been active in the ATC domain for over 20 years. Today the company’s expertise covers a vast proportion of the modern ATM industry, providing market-leading products, including innovative surveillance and communication solutions such as ADS-B and Multilateration sensors.

The continuous development of current technologies is a permanent focus in order to support customers’ needs with cutting-edge solutions.

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