Easy Access Industrial Design Inc.

Introducing Scissor Deck 4000 Series Industrial Maintenance Platforms

The Scissor Deck 4000 series model is now available. As with our taller series models the 4000 series is available with choice of either of 3 handrail designs with new drop down feature: Full wrap around, 3 way (2 piece-shown) with side or end deck entry, as well as 3 way (1 piece) with deck end entry. Product features include: removable deck end or side attach type 1, 250 lb capacity extension ladder, locking multi height adjustability (30” - 44” range), anti slip deck surface with locking wheel choices. Footprint is 75” x 32” folded down. Scissor Decks may be set up and taken down within seconds.

The Scissor Deck industrial maintenance platform design, with US patent pending, has been developed from over 10 years of integrating customer suggestions. Scissor Deck industrial maintenance platforms are an expanding product line having been launched in the summer of 2011 to the US and Canada. They are connectable spring assisted manual lift platforms which may be joined together lineally and on 90 degree angles for continuous platforms with 450 lb capacity and safe work zone access up to 7' 5” deck height. Four models now with deck lengths of 4’, 5’ and 6’, widths of 20” to 40” allow operators plenty of room to perform maintenance functions.

Additional information on Scissor Decks may be viewed online at Scissordeck.com. You may also view short video clips by keying in ‘Scissor Deck’ on YouTube. Feel free to express interest and comments to sales@scissordeck.com.

In the last few months we have assisted maintenance applications including pipeline servicing in Alaska, helicopter maintenance, fixed wing aircraft maintenance, heavy equipment & school bus maintenance locations in Saskatchewan, Northern Alberta & BC and heavy vehicle windshield replacements to carpenters training in Ontario, agricultural equipment manufacturing in the Central US. We have provided customer requested modifications to suit specific industry applications.