Turkish Air Transport Officials Sign Declaration to Encourage Growth of Business Aviation Activity

Istanbul, Turkey, 14 October 2013 – During a high-level regional forum held 10 and 11 October, hosted by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), the General Directorate of State Airports Authority of the Republic of Turkey (DHMI) proclaimed that business aviation plays a crucial role in facilitating regional investment and subsequently has a direct economic impact on Turkey’s economy. To that end, the Director General co-signed a declaration together with EBAA that commits to working together on long-term actions that would help ensure the steady growth of the sector in the country. These include improving access of business aircraft to the infrastructure, and ensuring that the region’s legal framework and policies have a positive impact on daily air transport activities.

"Understanding the distinct nature of business aviation as a tool for efficient, productive and secure business travel to and from the nearest airport to the passengers’ destination is absolutely essential. Catering for this distinction will enable Turkey to reap the benefits of a thriving sector and the subsequent rewards its activity will deliver to the economy,” said Fabio Gamba, CEO European Business Aviation Association.

With a population of 75 million and an economic growth average of 4% in the last decade, Turkey has developed into a geo-strategic base for international business. The forum was important in evidencing that Turkey has all the prerequisites to continue growing its business aviation industry and further establish itself as an important commercial hub connecting Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Identifying possible impediments to expanding Turkey’s business aircraft activity, with a view to tackling them together with local authorities, was the main purpose of this Regional Forum. This successful format will be repeated around Europe, where and when appropriate.