Conklin & de Decker Ready for Busy AOPA Summit

AOPA SUMMIT 2013 – Fort Worth, TX -- Conklin & de Decker will be showcasing their valuable general aviation products and services at the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Summit 2013. Expecting a busy event in Ft. Worth, Texas, the Conklin & de Decker team will offer attendees easier solutions to benchmark, budget and analyze their aircraft operating costs, make quick comparisons of aircraft specifications and performance data, and gain expert State and Federal aviation tax advice.

“As it was recently announced that this is the final AOPA Summit event to take place, we think there will be a big turnout at this show,” commented Brandon Battles, co-owner and Vice President of Conklin & de Decker. “AOPA focuses on the aircraft owner-operator and our products and consulting services are valuable tools that will help them make informed aircraft acquisition and operational decisions. Our databases include extensive cost and performance data on more than 500 different pistons, turbo-props, jets and helicopters, so we are sure to have their aircraft covered. We also want to notify attendees about our upcoming seminar on December 10 and 11 in Scottsdale, Arizona, titled “Aircraft Acquisition Planning.” This is a comprehensive program covering all aspects of purchasing and operating an aircraft with numerous industry experts presenting 2-days’ worth of priceless information,” added Battles.

Conklin & de Decker invite all AOPA attendees to stop by booth #1220 to take advantage of the special 10% show discount, enter to win the Citation Mustang model, see product demonstrations, and learn more about these products and services:

  • Aircraft Cost Evaluator (ACE) and the new ACE-On the Go!

ACE is the foundation of the Conklin & de Decker product line and is the ideal benchmarking tool to assist aircraft owners, operators, brokers and dealers with important side-by-side operating cost and performance comparisons.

  • ACE - On the Go!  allows ACE subscribers to access information via any browser, including mobile devices. 
  • Life Cycle Cost (LCC)

LCC puts all aspects of owning and operating an aircraft into one easy-to-use program.  Aircraft acquisition costs, operating costs, taxes, final residual values and even revenues, if the aircraft is used in commercial operations, are all included in this business aviation budgeting tool. Life Cycle Cost is extremely important when determining whether to retain or replace aircraft, acquire new or used aircraft, and in evaluating the total economics of competing aircraft whether purchasing, financing, or leasing.  This software predicts cash flows, Net Present Values and has a 12-month budget as well as a residual value analysis calculation.

  • Aircraft Performance Comparator (APC)

APC is the most comprehensive aircraft comparison tool available to the industry today. Part of a family of innovative software products created by Conklin & de Decker, the Aircraft Performance Comparator is a vital tool for anyone that is acquiring a Business Jet, Turboprop, Helicopter, or Piston airplane or needs to compare impartial aircraft performance data quickly and easily.  

  • State Tax Guide for General Aviation (STG)

The State Tax Guide is the best source for timely and accurate US State tax information and is available 24/7.  The software allows anyone to easily search the database by exemption, tax type or state and do a side-by side-comparison. Subscribers are able to download updates as they occur from the Conklin & de Decker website so aircraft operators can be informed of critical general aviation state taxes changes as they happen.  

  • Consulting Services

Acquisition Planning, Tax Planning, Ownership Options, Financial Analysis, Cost Management and Benchmarking, Market Research, US Government A-76 and Exhibit 300 Analyses.

  • Seminars

Seminars include: Aircraft Acquisition Planning, Commercial Operator Tax, Helicopter Management Courses, and Defining Operating Costs, as well as customized in-house programs.

About Conklin & de Decker

Conklin & de Decker, celebrating more than 25 years in business, is a leader in aviation research, consulting and education with offices in Massachusetts, Texas and Arizona.  The company, founded in 1984, focuses on fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft operating cost, performance and specification databases, maintenance management software, financial management, fleet planning, market research, aviation tax issues, and financial, tax and management seminars.  Conklin & de Decker consult with numerous individuals, corporations and government agencies worldwide. More information on their products and services and copies of articles can be found on their website,