The All-New 2014 Generation 5 Cirrus

Last year, we set a new standard in single engine piston aircraft with the Generation 5 model line. Never satisfied with the status quo, we had to take it to another level.

The All-New 2014 Generation 5 SR-Series line-up embodies our unrelenting passion for innovation. The new features and upgrades to the 2014 Generation 5 aircraft exemplify the Cirrus hallmarks of continuous and industry-leading product innovation, customer-focused improvement and best-in-class safety systems.

Cirrus Integrated LED Technology™

The most immediately recognizable new feature for 2014 is Cirrus Integrated LED Technology™. New for 2014, Cirrus brings luxury automobile LED lighting technology to the airplane, a first in this class of aircraft. Cirrus Integrated LED Technology™ significantly increases functional performance in terms of remarkable new levels of clarity and brightness, but like all things Cirrus we never forget the eye appeal. Cirrus Integrated LED Technology™ is a perfect example of the Cirrus philosophy of matching performance and utility with uncompromising design.

This all-new and state-of-the-art multi-function LED lighting system is seamlessly integrated into the wing and provides a range of functions including:

1. Ground illumination for night pre-flight walk-arounds
2. Tail surface illumination
3. Anti-Collision lights
4. Navigational position lights
5. Landing light assistance
6. ‘Halo’ accent lighting

Additionally, the flush-mount installation not only reduces drag, but also now adds both LED reliability and brightness, unmatched by other light technology. These lights offer the convenience of key fob activation externally as well switch activation from inside the cockpit.

Refined New Aesthetic and Feature Packages

Also all new for 2014 are the re-imagined Carbon and Platinum Appearance packages. Like Cirrus Integrated LED Technology™, these bold new designs further distinguish Cirrus customers from conventional thinking when it comes to ramp presence and appeal.

Carbon Appearance

Inspired by the unmistakable style of the most legendary sports cars, the Carbon Appearance package utilizes a new palette of accent colors to make the 2014 Cirrus no less than stunning on the tarmac. Interior details such as jet black vents, carbon fiber instrument panel lobes and two-tone leather bolster seats complete this exhilarating new look.

Platinum Appearance

A true sense of traditional, elegant and luxurious style is captured in the new 2014 Platinum Appearance premium upgrade. Fluid lines and a distinguished collection of earthy exterior colors highlight this desirable option for 2014. Nickel vents and solid color leather bolster seats provide the perfect finishing touches that complement this rich new addition to Cirrus style.

High-Performance Lighter Weight Brakes and Tubeless Tires

The 2014 Cirrus aircraft line-up features an innovative new high-performance Beringer brake system that reduces weight and enhances performance and safety. Called Beringer Aero design, these brakes provide the same stopping power but with less mass, achieved with a smaller rotor that performs at a cooler overall operating temperature. They also allow the use of tubeless tires to provide a higher level of reliability when compared to traditional tube tires, reducing the risk of leaks and failures.

Generation 5 is the name given to the airframe change required to achieve the 200-pound increase in useful load first introduced in 2013. In 2014 attention is turned to LED technology in the wingtips and the addition of high performance brakes in addition to the 2013 load carrying exclamation point of recent Cirrus innovations which also include: Cirrus Perspective™ avionics by Garmin®; Cirrus Known Ice Protection™; Perspective Global Connect™ satellite communications; 60/40 FlexSeating™; and the totally unique Cirrus Airframe Parachute System™ (CAPS). The SR22/SR22T has been the best selling GA aircraft now for over a decade.

Model Year 2014 SR-Series aircraft are available for pre-order today with next deliveries available in the first quarter of 2014.